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Wordcraft and War Fiction: An Interview with David Weber, by Kenneth Mark Hoover (8/10/09)
I think of what I do as my craft, not as my "art." . . . The story I'm telling takes me where it has to go, and I go there willingly, doing the best work I can along the way.
Interview: Selina Rosen, by Kenneth Mark Hoover (6/26/06)
"We publish real complete won't find a bunch of atmospheric crap wrapped in a layer of angst that leaves you asking what the hell happened when you close one of our books."
Interview: Laura J. Underwood, by Kenneth Mark Hoover (9/20/04)
"I want to write a swashbuckler. A real fantasy swashbuckler, something on the order of Pirates of the Caribbean...."
Lee Martindale Interview, by Kenneth Mark Hoover (8/16/04)
Such a Pretty Face was the first anthology to bring together stories featuring fat protagonists. I asked for science fiction, fantasy and horror stories that cast large people, not as silly sidekicks or comic relief, or "villains by virtue of size", but as heroes and heroines . . . and the writers came through.
Interview: Les Johnson, by Kenneth Mark Hoover (8/11/03)
[T]he total projected cost for a human mission to Mars is in the tens of billions of dollars. [] We could easily afford to undertake the effort without the help of any other nation—if we deemed it a priority to do so.
Interview: Richard Parks, by K. Mark Hoover (4/1/02)
". . . at heart I'm a fantasist. I enjoy the mythic, timeless mindset. . . . At its best, fantasy reaches down deep into humanity's collective soul and shows us aspects of ourselves we all recognize."
The Final Solution (Part 2 of 2), by K. Mark Hoover (2/25/02)
My father was an electrician. My mother taught piano. I don't remember much about my sister, except that she was very beautiful. There are no photographs; all I have are memories.
The Final Solution (Part 1 of 2), by K. Mark Hoover (2/18/02)
"You're the only man who can do it, Paul. The only one who can set right what, surely, was never meant to happen. You'll be healing an open wound in the history of our species."
Interview: James Van Pelt, by K. Mark Hoover (11/5/01)
"I'm not sure why I gravitated to short stories more than the longer stuff, other than I'm a closure addict. I like getting to the end of things and calling them done."
Slugball (Part 2 of 2), by K. Mark Hoover, illustration by Frank Wu (5/14/01)
We plunged into blackness. Icy wind whipped tears from my eyes and blurred my vision. The grumble of the generator faded above, letting other sounds intrude: the squealing whine of the rollers sliding down the guide rails, cables straining with an unnerving twang, the metal car rattling and shaking.
Slugball (Part 1 of 2), by K. Mark Hoover, illustration by Frank Wu (5/7/01)
"Aleksander, if there's any trouble during the flight, kill Ms. Tal immediately."