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Spirits, Art, and the Fourth Dimension, by Bryan Clair (9/16/02)
[O]ne of the instrumental ideas in the development of Cubism was that the fourth dimension could provide a viewpoint from which to observe the undistorted forms of objects.
Folding, by Bryan Clair (3/11/02)
People have been folding paper for centuries. Not long after paper was invented in China, the Chinese were folding it.
Steganography: How to Send a Secret Message, by Bryan Clair (10/8/01)
Steganography is the dark cousin of cryptography, the use of codes. While cryptography provides privacy, steganography is intended to provide secrecy. . . . For true secrecy, you don't want anyone to know you're sending a message at all.
The Biggest Numbers in the Universe, by Bryan Clair (4/2/01)
What's the biggest number you've ever seen? Think about it fondly for a moment, because it's going to be blown away. Yes, you can always add one. Yes, you can multiply by ten, or a million. Yet the number you're thinking of is a speck on the knee of the world's smallest flea compared to what's coming.
Habitrails and Asteroids: Topology from the Inside, by Bryan Clair (1/8/01)
Science fiction can transport you to other worlds, and so can mathematics. But few people ever see the mathematical worlds, because the natives speak a different language and the terrain is rough, full of abstractions and infinities. That's a shame, because there are some wonderful sights to see, and some fascinating ideas to try on.