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An Empire in Words: The Great Library of Alexandria, by Jennifer de Guzman (3/8/10)
But this much is clear: The Great Library of Alexandria was a bid toward immortality, a stay against annihilation. In the ancient world, Alexandria was a remnant of Alexander the Great's empire and a major cultural and trading center. Ships that sailed into the harbor were forced to hand over their scrolls to the library, where scribes made copies. The library gave the copies to the scrolls' owners in place of the originals, which became part of the Great Library's collection. The collection held works of only of drama and poetry and philosophy, but also scientific texts, works of mathematics, astronomy, medicine and mechanics. The library was the known world, past and present, under one roof: the ultimate empire.
A Season in Silence, by Jennifer de Guzman (2/9/04)
When my mother tells me to do something, or not to do something, it's like I don't have any choice—what she says goes. I hate that feeling, like not being separate from my mom, like I'm an extra arm or leg that always does what she wants.
Carnival, by Jennifer de Guzman (1/19/04)
Your mother is the swan-bench. / We don't know who your father was.
Counterpoint, by Jennifer de Guzman (10/21/02)
"Hard work is the price of genius, sometimes, Amadeo," Padre Martini tells me. "It is not enough for you to make beautiful music. The music must have form."
Underground, by Jennifer de Guzman (3/26/01)
Fairy dust makes everything beautiful: when you're using it you look beautiful and everything looks beautiful to you.