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Famishing, by Heather Shaw (2/10/03)
Rachel had been dieting for months for the big day tomorrow, but looking at the pictures of herself over the years, she realized with a sinking heart that she was larger now than she'd ever been before.
The Children of the Moon, by Heather Shaw (9/9/02)
You can see them as they move among you / their opalescent aura shimmers like summer pavement heat, / mother-of-pearl, on the tips of their frizzed-out split ends.
Under the Daddy Tree: Family Relations in Nalo Hopkinson's Midnight Robber, by Heather Shaw (8/20/01)
Hopkinson does not shy away from telling hard truths, and her books explore both the tenderness and the difficulties of family life. There is a kind of duality in these relationships that she examines. . . .
Beltane, by Heather Shaw (4/23/01)
Spring is here! All around us are symbols of fertility, growth, warmth and light. It is the perfect time to throw a May Day party or Beltane Festival, to celebrate the end of winter hibernation and to reconnect with your friends and loved ones.
Strange Bedfellows: Eugenics, Attraction, and Aversion in the Works of Octavia E. Butler, by Heather Shaw (12/18/00)
[Butler's] willingness to explore the range of arousal, intimacy and attraction between unlikely bedfellows may make us uneasy, but it is always believable.
The Many Masks of Halloween, by Heather Shaw (10/30/00)
Halloween is full of traditions, superstition and all things supernatural. This is the night when magic is high, and the dead may walk the earth, a holiday that allows us to confront our fears, to scare ourselves silly or feel brave for not jumping when things go boo!