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Reviews for the week of 10/19/09
Monday: House of Windows by John Langan and Slights by Kaaron Warren, reviewed by Richard Larson
Wednesday: Rampant by Diana Peterfreund, reviewed by Sara Polsky
Friday: Fifty Key Figures in Science Fiction, edited by Mark Bould, Andrew M. Butler, Adam Roberts and Sherryl Vint, reviewed by Martin Lewis
Reviews for the week of 7/13/09
Monday: The Long Price Quartet by Daniel Abraham, reviewed by Gwyneth Jones
Wednesday: The Routledge Companion to Science Fiction, edited by Mark Bould, Andrew M. Butler, Adam Roberts and Sherryl Vint, reviewed by Nick Hubble
Friday: The Painting and the City by Robert Freeman Wexler, reviewed by Matt Denault
Reviews for the week of 7/21/08
Monday: Two Views: The Margarets by Sheri S Tepper, reviewed by Nic Clarke and Sherryl Vint
Wednesday: Lost Boys by James Miller, reviewed by Martin Lewis
Friday: Martin Martin's on the Other Side by Mark Wernham, reviewed by Jonathan McCalmont
Reviews for the week of 11/26/07
Monday: Battlestar Galactica: Razor, reviewed by Abigail Nussbaum
Wednesday: Ekaterina Sedia's The Secret History of Moscow, reviewed by Nic Clarke
Friday: Richard K. Morgan's Thirteen/Black Man, reviewed by Sherryl Vint
Reviews for the week of 5/7/07
Monday: Tricia Sullivan's Double Vision and Sound Mind, reviewed by L. Timmel Duchamp
Tuesday: Mat Coward's So Far, So Near, reviewed by Jonathan McCalmont
Wednesday: Jeffrey Thomas's Deadstock, reviewed by Finn Dempster
Thursday: Kage Baker's Rude Mechanicals, reviewed by Sherryl Vint
Reviews for the week of 1/8/07
Monday: John Clute's The Darkening Garden, reviewed by Sarah Monette
Tuesday: H.G. Wells's Star Begotten, reviewed by Paul Kincaid
Wednesday: Gwyneth Jones's Rainbow Bridge, reviewed by Sherryl Vint
Thursday: Torchwood: "Captain Jack Harkness" and "End of Days", reviewed by Iain Clark
Reviews for the week of 11/13/06
Monday: Karen Traviss's Matriarch, reviewed by Sherryl Vint
Tuesday: Jim Younger's High John the Conqueror, reviewed by Jonathan McCalmont
Wednesday: Philip Jose Farmer's Pearls From Peoria, reviewed by Danny Adams
Thursday: Keith Donohue's The Stolen Child, reviewed by R.J. Burgess
Reviews for the week of 8/14/06
Monday: Naomi Novik's Throne of Jade and Black Powder War, reviewed by Rose Fox
Tuesday: Andreas Eschbach's The Carpet Makers, reviewed by Finn Dempster
Wednesday: Joe Abercrombie'sThe Blade Itself, reviewed by Siobhan Carroll
Thursday: Kage Baker's Mendoza in Hollywood, reviewed by Sherryl Vint
It's a website! It's a game! No, wait, it's a novel! Diana Slattery's The Maze Game, by Sherryl Vint (11/17/03)
This is obviously a novel that is deeply concerned with theoretical questions of language and meaning.
The Truth About Angels: Kage Baker's Black Projects, White Knights, by Sherryl Vint (4/7/03)
More of the stories in the collection emphasize the "White Knights" aspect of the title over the "Black Projects" one. . . . Such stories . . . provide an alternative to the disturbing image of the Company and its agents developed elsewhere in Baker's work.
China Miéville's The Scar: The Literature We Deserve (Lucky for Us!), by Sherryl Vint (9/23/02)
Each time I thought I had sorted my way through the various heroes and villains to a stable moral picture, Miéville confronted me with yet another layer of depth and complexity.
Both/And: Science Fiction and the Question of Changing Gender, by Sherryl Vint (2/18/02)
In the world of speculative fiction, gender reassignment surgery can occur with an ease that is not possible in our own world. Through the trope of perfected technology, SF is able to raise questions about the malleability of gender identity given a perfectly malleable body.