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Crow's Changeling, by Sarah Prineas (9/5/05)
"I've come for the child," he said.
Liberty Pipe, by Sarah Prineas, illustration by David Bezzina (5/2/05)
It's when Maury got crushed by a hydraulic piston in a molding machine that I met the people from the other place. I don't know what they were. Perfect people, like kings and queens from a storybook. Or fucking fairies.
The Illuminated Dragon, by Sarah Prineas, illustration by Kari Christensen (6/3/02)
One wing of the butterfly shivered, then twitched itself free of the paper; the other wing, the abdomen, and the antennae followed, until the living insect lay trembling on the page.
Water, Green River, Daybreak, by Sarah Prineas (10/8/01)
"Witch magic is for girls. A boy with talent studies with a warlock. Different techniques, different spells, different purposes."