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Planet of the Amazon Women (Part 2 of 2), by David Moles (5/23/05)
In Myrine all they have is a cenotaph. Nobody knows what happened to the bodies. In Themiscyra they do not even have that; when they talk about men it's like they're talking about a metaphor, or a myth.
Planet of the Amazon Women (Part 1 of 2), by David Moles (5/16/05)
But when it came it came suddenly, sweeping across Hippolyta in less than a year, in its progress less like a disease than like a curse. It defied drugs and vaccines and quarantines, brushing past exploration-grade immune enhancements as if they were so many scented medieval nosegays.
The Memory of Water, by David Moles (10/13/03)
There was no escaping the conclusion: surrounded by ten thousand square kilometers of desert, he had drowned.
Fetch, by David Moles (5/12/03)
"The Russians can't get their dog back," Akers said. "No way the capsule can reenter without burning up. Our guys think she's got air for maybe a week—ten days, tops. The President wants NACA to mount a rescue mission."