A list of specfic-related links suggested by the staff and readers of Strange Horizons. Feel free to suggest new links—and if you send along a 25-30 word blurb with your suggested link, it's likely to get up faster. (last updated 16 August 2004.)

Books and Bookstores

Alibris: Find that hard-cover first edition here, or any edition of any book made. . .

Booksense: A consortium of independent booksellers.

Concharbooks: Secondhand /used books in 50+ categories, from antiquarian first-edition factual books to all types of fiction, especially scifi. A fun and extensive bookstore with a radical Celtic flavour, selling to all over the world from Cardiff, Wales.

Hippocampus Press: an independent publisher of H.P. Lovecraft and other writers of the pulp era. Working closely with the leading scholars in the field they offer unique, high-quality, affordable editions of classic horror and science fiction.

Kayleighbug Books is an online retailer specializing in used and out-of-print Science Fiction and Fantasy. The site features full book descriptions, condition information, online ordering via PayPal's integrated shopping cart, an offline search service, mailing list updates, SF news and more.

Powell's Books (Used, New, and Out of Print)

The Reader's Robot: Search the online database for books in a variety of genres using "appeal factors" such as "page-turners" or "detailed backgrounds" or "literary and elegant style."

SF-Books: At, members trade their SF, fantasy & horror paperback books that they have finished reading for credits. These credits can be redeemed for other members' books. Membership is free.

SF Site: A slick site with tons of novel reviews, interviews, and links to writers' pages. Also offers web hosting for genre writers.


Opus: A Fantasy Arts Festival: Fantasy arts and entertainment: Gaming, combative arts demonstrations, live bands, robot battles, art show, merchandise, panels on writing, painting, magic, game design, and fantasy worlds as well as contests and competitions.

Potlatch: A single track, discussion and conversation oriented, small convention with a somewhat literary bent. Potlatch also sponsors the Clarion West workshop scholarship auction.

Trinoc*Con: The premiere speculative fiction convention in the Raleigh-Durham (aka Research Triangle) area of North Carolina.

WisCon: The world's only feminist sf convention; the annual gathering of the feminist sf community, in Madison WisCon, Memorial Day weekend.

WorldCon: The annual world science fiction convention; new location every year.

World Fantasy Convention: The annual world fantasy convention; new location every year.


Carl Brandon Society: Dedicated to addressing the representation of people of color in speculative fiction.

Feminist Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Utopia: Speculative fiction from a feminist perspective.

Literary Locales: If you've ever wanted to see the castle where King Arthur's father once lived, according to legend, or see any other historical/literary location with a short history of the place, this is the site to visit.

Russian SF and Fantasy: Russian science fiction and fantasy. Web site about contemporary Russian science fiction. Official pages of writers, awards, reviews, interviews, photos, pictures, biographies and bibliographies. Home of Russian sci-fi on the Web."

spread: new underground guerrilla exploratory art and literature in the new medium


Aphelion: Aphelion is now in its fourth year of providing the best amateur fiction by new and established writers. Each submission is provided constructive criticism to better aid the new writer in improving their craft.

Asimov's Online: One of the leading print magazines has its own website, with story excerpts and complete stories by award nominees, plus columns and a discussion area.

Bewildering Stories: features experimental writing, especially in science fiction, fantasy, and horror. All genres are welcome: novels, short stories, poetry, drama, articles and non-fiction. Artwork gratefully accepted, as well.

Dark Planet: A strong, well-designed online magazine featuring fiction, poetry, and non-fiction.

The Edge : A semi-prozine that has recently featured fiction by Michael Bishop and Greg Frost, among others.

Emerald City : An online magazine of science fiction and fantasy—primarily book reviews.

EOTU Ezine : a semi-pro bi-monthly web zine that publishes fiction, art & poetry of all genres, including science fiction, fantasy and horror. EOTU was a paper zine in the 80's - early 90's, now they're on line.

Fables: Online semi-prozine, published quarterly.

Fantasy and Science Fiction Online : A companion site to the print magazine, with story excerpts, book reviews, past editorials, and more. Very popular horror magazine/site.

Indian Science Fiction and Fantasy: India's first Sci Fi and Fantasy magazine - free content, great stories, eGreetings, eInsults, make pals and audio / graphic animated downloads!

Interzone: The online counterpart to the British magazine.

Planet Magazine: Planet is one of the oldest spec fic magazines online.

Rogue Worlds: A new specfic magazine.

Savage Night: A new web-zine featuring scary movie and book reviews, links, and new stories by seasoned veterans and talented newcomers alike.

Sci Fiction: New science fiction stories each week, with classic reprints. Edited by Ellen Datlow

Sidereality: Quarterly speculative and experimental poetry web journal. Each issue contains around 30 poems by both new and established writers.

Simulacrum: The Magazine Of Speculative Transformation: Bimonthly speculative fiction magazine in PDF format.

The 3rd Alternative: The website of the award-winning, professional SF print magazine. Contains extracts from the magazines, news and information, index, back issues, secure online credit card ordering facility, and lots of interactive content including story polls and message boards for the likes of China Mieville, M John Harrison, Muriel Gray, Michael Marshall Smith, Graham Joyce and many others.

Vestal Review: A flash fiction prozine, whose writers have been published in Atlantic Unbound, Zoetrope ASE and Mississippi Review. Its publisher is a Pushcart Prize nominee, and its editor is the author of a collection of stories forthcoming from Ballantine Books.

Would That It Were: This magazine publishes alternative history set in 1830-1930; they were founded April 2000, publishing quarterly.

Movies and Television

Ain't It Cool News: A totally cluttered site that uses way too many exclamation marks! But it has great scoops about upcoming films along with an innovative style of movie reviewing.

The Official Star Trek site: The official source of information.

Scifilm: Features genre movie news, reviews, and a discussion forum.

The STArchive: A large archive of information about all the Star Trek series.

Other Fiction

Atlantic Unbound: Quality mainstream fiction in a slick format, all under 3k words—perfect for a quick break at work.

Authoretica: This site is for readers and writers of alternative fiction and features authors, books, reviews, articles, and a forum where users can submit short stories.

FictionWise: An online story merchant, specializing in short speculative fiction that has already been published—no more hunting through back issues. Price are very reasonable, and you can buy stories in "bundle" to save even more.

McSweeney's: Goofy postmodernism with a lot of attitude and wit is always worth a click or two.

NewPages Guide to Literary Periodicals: An extensive listing.

Pif Magazine: Plenty of fiction and poetry to choose from, with a recent interest in hypertext and multimedia fiction.

Setisia: An unusual adventure/fantasy novel by R. L. Salisbury, complete and free online.

Zoetrope: Great stories by the likes of Robert Olen Butler, Dale Ray Phillips, and Denis Johnson, brought to you by Francis F. Coppola

Zortic: humorous comic adventure; the title character, Zortic, wins a spaceship on a television game show and uses it to explore a universe full of parody and satire

Reference Three or four shelves of those "no of course you can't check them out" books the reference librarian kept close to the desk, including the American Heritage Dictionary 4th with spoken pronounciations.

FirstGov: A sort of specialized search engine to the vast quantity of information available on government Web sites. More a "link site" than an information site, but it's useful for government information searches online, and interesting to browse. Probably the closest you can come to the World Almanac and Book of Facts online. It bills itself as "the single best source of facts on the Net," and it has to be close. cross-referenced catalog of technology imagined or described by science fiction writers. Relatively heavy advertising, although no pop-ups or exit links.


Discovery Online: Everything you could expect from the Discovery Channel, but more in-depth. And yes, it does have the Crocodile Hunter HQ. You decide if that's a good thing or not. . .

MadSci Network: Their description pretty much explains it: "MadSci Network is a collective cranium of scientists providing answers to your questions. For good measure we provide a variety of oddities and other ends as well." A good part of the fun is that you can ask questions of your own, but the extended archive of past questions and answers is also a joy.

Marshall Brain's How Stuff Works: From computer mice, to cable modems, to Christmas tree lights, to diesel engines: a whole series of short articles to demystify the machinery around you.

NASA: The official U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration site.

National Geographic: The online version of the classic monthly magazine. Check out their extensive, printable map collections.

New Scientist: Web site of the popular science magazine. Contains articles, letters and a huge selection of links.

SETI@Home Download the SETI@home application to help in the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence from your own computer. Recent postings covered Mars extensively, including a science fiction section with stories about the red planet. Also includes astronomy, space travel, and other pages.


Rocket Book: Books obsolete? I don't think so. This is just a new way to take books with you, instead of reading on a monitor.

WebMonkey: Learn HTML, XML, ASP, any other acronym you may want, all with a nice dose of "geek" attitude and humor.

Wired: All the latest tech news, from cultural impacts of technology to the latest gadgets to films and even books.


Clarion Writer's Workshop: Though not updated on a very regular basis, this site is a wealth of information for young speculative fiction writers in search of an intense workshop/boot camp experience.

Clarion West: The Seattle-based branch of the Clarion workshop; both our editor-in-chief (Mary Anne) and one of our fiction editors (Jed), attended Clarion West, and recommend it. Seattle's much prettier than East Lansing, too.

Lit.Org: A community for aspiring writers. Over six years online. Interact with other writers, get reviews, post your works, read articles, interviews and more. Read. Write. Respond.

Locus Online: Get the latest news on books, writers, and conventions in this premiere magazine of the spec-fic field.

Odyssey, the Fantasy Writing Workshop: Odyssey is a six week Scinece Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror workshop run by World Fantasy Award winning editor Jeanne Cavelos. The 2001 week-long Writer-in-Residence is Terry Brooks. The site offers full guest list, writing and publishing tips, transcripts of lectures, and class information.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America: The official site of the professional writers' organization. Contains many resources, writing tips, links to members' sites, etc.

Speculations: Market listings, the fabulous Rumor Mill, and more...

Speculative Literature Foundation: promoting literary quality in speculative fiction, by encouraging promising new writers, assisting established writers, facilitating the work of quality magazines and small presses in the genre, and developing a greater public appreciation of speculative fiction.

Viable Paradise: A one-week intensive residential workshop held annually. The instructors are all published authors or professional editors. Both novels and short stories are workshopped.