About Us

Strange Horizons (www.strangehorizons.com) is a weekly web-based magazine of and about speculative fiction. We use the phrase "speculative fiction" as an umbrella term embracing science fiction, fantasy, magic realism, slipstream, and a host of sub-genres. The magazine was founded in September 2000; as we said then:

[Speculative fiction is] important to the world. These stories make us think. They critique society. They offer alternatives. They give us a vision of the future—and warn us of the potential dangers therein. They help us understand our past. They are full of beauty, and terror, and delight.

Even as the print publishing market for speculative fiction has contracted, the genre has expanded. A new generation of writers and artists has emerged: multicultural, non-traditional, willing to step past clichés. Strange Horizons hopes to give these rising stars another place to shine.

Strange Horizons has an all-volunteer staff, which enables us to pay our fiction and poetry writers professional rates. We are committed to expanding the readership, professional status, and literary appreciation of speculative fiction in all media, for all people.

Content and Publishing Schedule

Strange Horizons is a weekly magazine that publishes short fiction, poetry, reviews, columns and articles of interest to the speculative fiction.

Among the many talented people who have been featured in Strange Horizons are authors Jo Walton, Alex Irvine, Tim Pratt, and Theodora Goss; poets Bruce Boston and Richard Chwedyk; and artists Colleen Doran, Frank Wu, and Mark Heath.

Readers may provide interactive feedback to Strange Horizons through a forum, browse through archives of past stories (maintained with the permission of the creators), and purchase staff-selected books in our bookstore (affiliated with Amazon.com).

Quotes and Awards

"This slick, non-profit magazine publishes original articles, fiction, art, and poetry. Thoughtful book reviews, editorials, and interviews help keep Strange Horizons a cut above the rest." —scifi.com

"Strange Horizons is one of a new breed of online publications proving that online fiction is here to stay—and in greater variety and accessibility than offered by its print counterparts.... You have only to look at Strange Horizons's Feedback section to see that people are indeed reading fiction online, and loving it. Strange Horizons does it right. Its design is artful and unobtrusive, and provides an ideal showcase for the main event, speculative fiction." —Tangent Online

"Strange Horizons operates on a donor system. Visitors may read anything they wish. If they like what they see, a quick click leads to a page outlining many ways to support the magazine, from cross-linking to a personal web site to putting down cold, hard cash. With so many good stories, illustrations and articles to choose from, this is indeed a site worthy of such support. More importantly, it is one that readers will want to visit regularly." —A. M. Dellamonica

See still more on our awards page.

How We are Funded

Strange Horizons is incorporated as a non-profit corporation in the state of Utah. With an all-volunteer staff and a limited budget for advertising and self-promotion, the magazine's financial resources are devoted to professionally compensating writers and artists for publication rights to their works, and for maintaining our presence on the World Wide Web.

Financial support for the magazine comes through direct donations (through PayPal or by check), arts grants, corporate sponsorship, and affiliate programs through Amazon.com and Powell's Books.

Strange Horizons has received 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Donations made from 2003 onward are tax-deductible. Additionally, donations made during 2000, 2001, and 2002 may also be claimed; if you donated more than $250 to us during those years, please contact our associate editor, Brian Peters, for a copy of the necessary documentation to support your IRS claim.

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The editors of Strange Horizons welcome your comments, your suggestions, your email, and your submissions.