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We want Strange Horizons to provide a space for smart and (with an awareness that this next word is contested and contingent) progressive discussion of speculative fiction and the issues it raises, across all forms of media. To that end, we look forward to your comments on any of our non-fiction content. However, this page exists to state clearly that you comment as guests in our space, that your comments are subject to moderation, and that if you violate our standards your comments may be deleted, and/or you may be banned.

Those standards are, hopefully, more or less what you might expect. We do not want to see:

  • Phobic or hateful comments of any kind, including but not limited to those based on race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, and religion
  • Personal attacks or threats directed at other commenters, Strange Horizons contributors, Strange Horizons staff, or, frankly, anyone
  • Abusive behaviours directed at other commenters, Strange Horizons contributors, Strange Horizons staff, or, again, anyone

We are happy to accept pseudonymous comments, and by default will protect the privacy of pseudonymous commenters. This protection may be overturned in the case of insulting or abusive behavior. The first comment from a new identity will always be moderated by default. We aim to review our moderation queue daily.

The editors also welcome your feedback by email.