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Strange Horizons Gallery Presents...

Arthur Davis Broughton

In my darker works, I like to investigate the relationship of modern humankind to ancient religions. This often creates conflict. One such image is the problem of Hell. Simply stated, the theory goes: How can Heaven be the perfect place it is said to be if those in Heaven are aware that there are people no more worthy of damnation than themselves (it is only by the grace of God that any are in Heaven as we are all sinners) being eternally tortured in Hell. Even the most heinous of crimes surely do not deserve eternal damnation.

Hopefully these images will be interesting even without the explanations that caused me to create them. I would enjoy hearing from you if you are intrigued or offended by these images.

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Cocoon ©Arthur Davis Broughton 2003

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Arthur Broughton is a freelance Artist/Illustrator living in Ohio with his two daughters (maybe three by the time you read this). His work has been published in several magazines including Black October, Wicked Hollow, and the upcoming Harrow Anthology. More of his work can be found on his website; to see his current exhibition, go to Space 237 at 237 N. Michigan Ave. in Toledo, Ohio. To contact him, send email to
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