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Strange Horizons Gallery Presents...

Janet Chui: Dead Faeries and Melancholy

I was born and raised in Singapore, and I'm thankful that I've seen all that I've seen here, where Eastern magic and old practices still live at the same time new art, literature, news, and ideas from around the world come constantly to challenge the status quo. I'm discovering that with all the input and inspiration I've gotten living here, reading voraciously, and traveling, Fantasy has proven to be the only genre for my art and writing that can take any idea I throw back at it.

Now after years of immersing myself in SF&F, mythology, and art, I think in its imagery, themes, and language. Even with a Journalism degree and Clarion writing workshop experience, I find it impossible for me to stop pursuing fantastical art as my ideal career! I use its symbolism to carry my own ideas and messages, to illustrate other people's stories, and to work through times of my own anxiety and stress. Even the most normal real-world stuff that inspires me becomes a painting of the fantastic! But I hope that in my work, one can always see what is REAL that was the seed of the painting.

Visit Janet's web site to see more of her artwork.

Strings ©Janet Chui 2001

Tour Janet's work, piece by piece. View thumbnails of Janet's work.

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