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I am a self-taught digital artist, web designer and musician based in London, U.K. My digital images range from complete abstracts to mythological scenes and esoteric symbolism.

Being self-taught enabled me to develop my own style at my own pace, without having to compromise. As I developed my style, inspiration came from the renaissance masters (who all seemed to study Greek mythology at some point), Marvel comics (my first great love!), Paganism and Freemasonary, which use art to symbolize the great workings of nature.

Whether I am creating images, music or web designs I find the journey to be one of inner illumination. I am always evolving, moving onto the next phase, realizing that there is always far more to know, and further horizons to explore.

You can view more of Paul's artwork at, and he can be contacted by email at

Tour Paul's work, piece by piece.

View thumbnails of Paul's work.

Bio to come.
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