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Strange Horizons Gallery Presents...

Heidi Jo Blackburn

Heidi Jo Blackburn lives in Ohio, which is about a 45 mintue drive from Pittsburgh, PA, for those of you who know the area. She is inspired by music, mostly that of Black Sabbath, Megadeth, and many of the long forgotton metal bands of the '70's and '80's. She also finds inspiration in horror movies (especially post-apocolyptic earth-type movies). She enjoys many other activities such as horseback riding and playing guitar (which she hasn't had much time for lately due to her art). You can view more of her work at Elfwood.

Nuclear Winter ©Heidi Jo Blackburn 2001

Tour Heidi's work, piece by piece. View thumbnails of Heidi's work.

If you are interested in submitting art for the gallery, please read our submission guidelines and then contact us at


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