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Gillian Polack has eleven books (five of them novels) and seventeen short stories published. She was awarded a Ditmar in 2010. She has recently finished a project on how writers think of history and how they use it in their fiction. She can be found at and on Twitter @GillianPolack.

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20 May 2019

Road: A Fairytale 
Podcast: Abandon 
By: Lynette Mejía
Podcast read by: Lynette Mejía
Podcast read by: Ciro Faienza
The System is Broken for People of Colour: Why Dan Mallory's Situation Is A Grumpy Canary In A Coal Mine 
Road: A Fairytale 
By: Shalini Srinivasan
Podcast read by: Anaea Lay
Monday: The Raven Tower by Ann Leckie 
Wednesday: Famous Men Who Never Lived by K. Chess 
Friday: The Death Scene Artist by Andrew Wilmot