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Maria holds a BFA in Creative Writing from Eastern Michigan University. The only “MA” she has is in the first two letters of her first name. Maria’s latest poetry has recently been published or is forthcoming in Anti-Heroin Chic, SIAMB!, Feral: A Journal of Poetry And Art, Wingless Dreamer, and elsewhere. Maria’s first hybrid chapbook, Real Water Tiger, will be published by Ethel Zine’s Micro Press in December 2023. Maria writes for

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2 Oct 2023

How did we end up so far east, on the flanks of a cold beach? You told me you always wanted to see the Pelagio, ever since you were a child. But your skin was never made for water. You shouldn’t have ever learned to swim.
look through the soap, the suds, the sopping wet clothes
as she leaves mortality behind / She always returns to me
Wednesday: Infinite Constellations: An Anthology of Identity, Culture, and Speculative Conjunctions edited by by Khadijah Queen and K. Ibura 
Friday: The Moonlight Blade by Tessa Barbosa 
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