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17 Dec 2018
Radiation, the last breath of unstable atoms, spilled no blood as it passed through flesh and bone, but it was murder on DNA. For humans, DNA damage spelled nausea, headache, cancer, death. Lynn’s genetically engineered diatoms, too small to have organs that would fail, simply died. They fell to the bottoms of their flasks in browning drifts, too toxic to decompose.
10 Dec 2018
I can only assume that you, dear inmate, like me, are a Cipher afflicted with the Sacred Disease! [SACRED forwhom?the diVINERS/not u]
19 Nov 2018
We hear there are wolves out there. We hear wolves, out there. Howling and prowling, slobbering ravening beasts. Another muffin, another treat, oh pretty please.
12 Nov 2018
You were the lost princess Anastasia. I was the girl in line behind you wearing a red bandana. We talked about poetry, and you swept me off my feet.
5 Nov 2018
If there is already a layer of artifice to you, if already you are pretending, but failing at pretending, why would it matter if someone, or something—I am talking about a BetterYou—pretends to be you, but does a better job at it? Why does that need to be seen as this bad thing or this frightening thing?
2 Nov 2018
“It's a long way to Thrace,” Tereus says, as if he can read my mind, as if he knows what this is like: to be away from home for the first time, to see again my sister, his wife, after all this time, to meet their child. And then he smiles, because, for him, this is a victory trip.
30 Oct 2018
This is a city of many faces. It folds itself into dark corners. It stretches out its fingers of neon signs and asphalt. It unrolls itself like a magic carpet. It changes from day to day.
30 Oct 2018
A smile spread on she beautiful brown face, like when you draw your finger through molasses on a plate. “Sit down nuh, doux-doux, you in your nice clean pressed white shirt? I glad you dress up to come and see me.”
16 Oct 2018
Me gills hurting me now. Dem spots just below me ears what does plump up wid pressure and let me know dey been working too hard for too long. Let me know is time to rise.
12 Oct 2018
I was just trying to boxtroll that asshole into quitting, like I’d gotten the two guys before him to do. I swear I wasn’t trying to get him all dead and shit. It wasn’t my box that did it. But I guess all drone-related crimes fall under federal jurisdiction, and when a civvie octocopter box put a bullet in Jonathan Sandelson’s front left tire and sent him careening into the ocean and the afterlife, the feds assumed it was me.
8 Oct 2018
She is standing ankle-deep in the river, looking down, her mouth open. Mebuyen notices, as she draws closer, that the child’s calves are skinny, her cheeks chubby, and her SpongeBob Squarepants sando has a bullet-sized hole above her ribs.
2 Oct 2018
Aliah stood on the cliff and listened to the song of the Silver Dragon. It combed reverberating notes through her skull, wrapped around her like a net of pearls pulling her closer to the waves.
17 Sep 2018
The lenguas don’t go into her shop unless they have to; it’s too loud there. A riot of cinnamon, splashed with lavender, bursts of olive oil and bacon fat, lemon cutting across almond and chiles anchos and dates stewed with ginger—and all of it against the background of burning sugar. Imagine walking through a word salad, disembodied voices screeching stray tense markers while others whisper gerunds and datives, and occasionally croon an eerie accidental sentence.
6 Sep 2018
You studied Franklin, and you studied Greely, and came to the same consensus: Expeditions that disunite die in the snow. You and Jamey, you decided, would always aim together. You would not, could not, fail.
3 Sep 2018
When she was four he found her in the back yard, holding a brick unsteadily above her head, poised to bring it down on a small heart-shaped clock he had bought her for her bedside table.
3 Sep 2018
Things had been different since Pamela swallowed the cactus. The sex was certainly more creative. Lydia would crack her open now, stroke the moist, water-bearing seams that made up her insides, moving with exquisite care. Pamela would wear gloves.
20 Aug 2018
Yellow caution tape around the crucifix says: DO NOT CROSS. The irony’s not lost on me.
13 Aug 2018
As she kicked her way towards the surface, her fingers and toes lengthened, a thin membrane webbing together in between them, and thin slits opened up into gills on either side of her torso. Her ribs ached, body working overtime to suck in water through her shirt.
6 Aug 2018
In real life, cats don’t recite fairy tales or ride the tram. In real life, cats don't talk.
30 Jul 2018
The only time her mother ever cooked was when a person had passed on and someone needed to speak with the dead.
30 Jul 2018
She told herself she could beat the curse if only she was patient. The 27 Club got the impatient ones.
30 Jul 2018
I learned how to bend light from my mother.
30 Jul 2018
A scream into the night was nothing unusual in this strange and terrible place, the belly of the São José slave ship.
30 Jul 2018
We gather every day to remember. We gather every day to keep her alive. Then we decide to bring her back to life.
30 Jul 2018
The first time my wings manifested Parrain beat me black and blue.
16 Jul 2018
I come from an arboreal people who have, since the old times, conducted their lives on trees. I was born on a branch of a banyan tree, cradled among the sinews of its prop roots when I was a child.
9 Jul 2018
The date is June 18th, 1815. The place is Waterlô. And Sa Segokgo is racing against time.
3 Jul 2018
The body is but a decoration. She’s really a machine. Only translates, never remembers.
18 Jun 2018
The legendary scholar of the mystical arts known as Master Luminous Smoke came from a once illustrious noble family that had fallen on hard times.
12 Jun 2018
Raimy trusts me implicitly. This is why she put me in charge of her entire physical home life, everything material that matters to her, for a full ten days.
4 Jun 2018
“You could have screamed,” she said. I blinked. “What?” “For help, you know. I could try to drag you away to the world beyond.”
21 May 2018
He thought a jumbie would look hunched and desiccated, like the twisted body of a man blackened by fire, something living that should be dead. But as the jumbie emerges from the club, it looks like it could be another queer man in the Village, another of the boys inside on the dance floor; it wears a tailored peacoat and Converse and has a face that would be beautiful if it wasn’t so long, if only its thin-lipped mouth wasn’t quite so wide.
14 May 2018
No one will sleep until the Princess learns the Stranger’s name.
7 May 2018
Sacrifices have to be made. We didn’t do it then, so we have to do it now.
30 Apr 2018
They were not the kind of dreams that you’d expect a dog to have. The dreams he’d had before the men came had been doggy dreams. The dreams he had after they grabbed him, though, these dreams were entirely new.
30 Apr 2018
When we were young, we would always get lost in the house. Quietly but suddenly, we would find ourselves in rooms or corridors that had not been there before. Unfamiliar clothing hung on chairs or lay neatly folded on beds that we did not recognize. Sometimes there would be a half-empty tumbler of water on a desk, a book or a pile of loose change. Windows looked out on places we did not know. Even the sun and the trees looked strange. When this happened, there was nothing to do but wait until the house shook itself out and we were put back, a few hours later, with no one noticing we were gone.
16 Apr 2018
Alexis carries the laundry through the kitchen. The tile beneath her feet was once a strip of sand beach. She walks through clusters of plover nests, which were perfect circles. The yellow cream clings to the tread of her tennis shoes. The alarmed mothers, suddenly orphaned.
9 Apr 2018
Mom's house didn't look like a murderer's.
2 Apr 2018
Fisherwoman Mika Sandrigal was lost at sea. She knew where she was in relation to the Candorrean coastline and how to navigate back to her home city, Maelstrom. She knew the time of day. She knew the season. She knew the phase of the moon and the pattern of the tide. She did not know the year.
19 Mar 2018
Is this unused footage from season two? Is this even the show? Is this Sharon? Or is this Frances, the actress playing her?
12 Mar 2018
I am a collector. In another time and place, I might have collected insects or Italian romance novels, but we must all grow in the soil where we sprouted. I am cataloguing moons.
5 Mar 2018
“Marriage is like an offer. It compels one to exist in two different worlds. Can you really handle that much trouble?”
19 Feb 2018
She winked. “I think I have something for you,” she said.
12 Feb 2018
E.Z. came to me. Not the man in the flesh, I reckon he has had enough of flesh, but his words came pouring into me until they had nowhere to go but pour out on the page.
5 Feb 2018
Over time, her beautiful body will wear away back into nothingness, and this is all to be expected. There is no reason for you to be alarmed.
29 Jan 2018
The camera high up in the opposite corner of the room was watching, I knew, its clever algorithms ready to alert my supervisor the second its analysis of my bearing caught me going “inattentive, distracted, unpleasant, inactive” or anything else the company handbook warned against.
29 Jan 2018
"Hey," I blurted out. "I think your camera's broken."
15 Jan 2018
The sticky horror in our throats is not just for what we see, but for ourselves. We long to be there, in the heat of it. It is spiteful to leave us here, wasting away. We feel in ourselves a nuclear fire, always on the verge of explosion.
8 Jan 2018
The bell, the lantern, the witching hour. Undone shirt cuffs, unkempt hair. A refugee from the republic of conscience.
1 Jan 2018
The oldest boy, closest to my age, was obsessed with catching snakehead, although he had never caught any.