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Me and Science Fiction: Books and the Death of the Middle Class

by Eleanor Arnason

14 July 2014

I’m not planning to write about shopping malls, but [. . .] I am planning to write about the ways that books and art are affected by the fact that the middle class no longer has “the fucking money.”

Intertitles: A Million Ways to Die in the West

by Genevieve Valentine

7 July 2014

A nameless drifter has the only thing he calls his own stolen from him by a band of thieves; amid a world of lawlessness where the quickest draw makes the law, he sets out to get it back.

Movements: Translations, the Mother Tongue, and Acts of Resistance (Part 1)

by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz

30 June 2014

I was recently at Fantasticon, which is an annual Danish convention held in Denmark, and the conversations I had over there were mostly about language and the use of language.

Once More, With Feeling: A Belated Response

by Jaymee Goh

30 June 2014

Last year, after Steampunk III: Steampunk Revolution  came out, acclaimed SF critic John Clute wrote a review that bounced from the essay that editor Ann VanderMeer graciously had me rewrite for inclusion into the anthology.

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