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Metagames: Playing at Good and Evil

by Andrea Phillips

23 May 2016

This is where I first encountered the concept of moral ambiguity: that sometimes it's hard to even know what the right thing is, because choosing one good outcome means preventing another.

Another Letter to Tiptree

by Gillian Polack

16 May 2016

The 2015 book Letters to Tiptree (ed. A. Pearce and A. Krasnostein) is a remarkable volume. It suggests many responses. This is mine.

Marginalia: To Live and Die in Tenochtitlán

by Vajra Chandrasekera

9 May 2016

I'm going to briefly discuss two SF novels published a little under a quarter-century ago.

Me and Science Fiction: Space Operas by Women

by Eleanor Arnason

25 April 2016

I began thinking about this topic last year, when the Sad Puppies were in full cry. One of their complaints was that current Hugo finalists and winners are not good, old-time space operas with space ships and ray guns.

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