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Matrilines: Dion Fortune: Writing through the Veil

by Kari Sperring

27 July 2015

[. . .] every writer is rooted in their culture or context, and that inevitably flavours and shapes their work in some way or another, on a more or less conscious level, and different writers are more or less open and aware of this. Dion Fortune was, perhaps, more aware of this than most.

Communities: Weight of History

by Renay

6 July 2015

Recently, I've been having a lot of internal debates with myself about what it means to be a fan of science fiction

Me and Science Fiction: Guardians and Puppies

by Eleanor Arnason

29 June 2015

There are mysteries in life, and one of them is why did Guardians of the Galaxy end up on the Puppies' Hugo slate?

Intertitles: Have Courage: Ex Machina, Cinderella, and the Construction of the Feminine Identity

by Genevieve Valentine

15 June 2015

The scene of feminine transformation is one of cinema's most familiar.

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