Dear Poetry Consumer, To better serve your needs,<br /> This poem is interactive. First, be alliterative: [[ah]] [[lit]] [[terat]] [[ive]]You want assonance. Not consonance. Soft squishy vowels like Biting into bowels like [[a]] [[e]] [[i]] [[o]] [[u]] <% $consonant = "l"; %> <% $noun = "labia"; %> Licking luscious lovely lies <br /> Linger on your thighs the<br /> Light<br /> Lets us let us<br /> Last.<br /> [[tumble words around]] <% $consonant = "t"; %> <% $noun = "torent"; %> Trying and treeing and tantruming the<br /> Trite tortuous tyrant of<br /> Terse <br /> Terms<br /> to <br /> try.<br /> [[tumble words around]] <% $consonant = "v"; %> <% $noun = "vein"; %> Velvet views <br /> Very voluable varnish that<br /> Varies in volume every <br /> variant<br /> veries<br /> variety.<br /> [[tumble words around]] <% $consonant = "a"; %> <% $noun = "artichoke"; %> Carry it at the apex of an apple.<br /> Add accent against all manner and [[tumble words around]]<% $consonant = "e"; %> <% $noun = "eggplant"; %> Excellent. Each ego eats exactly.<br /> Deep. Deeper. Beat it in your ears. [[tumble words around]] <% $consonant = "i"; %> <% $noun = "icicle"; %> Icky, itchy, it's its own <br /> idiosyncratic idiom. [[tumble words around]] <% $consonant = "o"; %> <% $noun = "opal"; %> Open and yowling, you own whole worlds of woe.<br /> Owls and ocelots. Lots of pots.<br /> Ousted, once, and once lost. [[tumble words around]] <% $consonant = "u"; %> <% $noun = "umber hulk"; %> Under ugly, gutteral utterances:<br /> uulations of laughter. Lounging. Louche. Lush. Lust.<br /> You, lucky u, are unique. [[tumble words around]] Pick some words you like for their own sake:<br /> Subtle to pronounce like “insouciant” or<br /> Lush and solid like “grape.” <% ending = "grape"; %> Pick a metaphor that will best help you accept your own, inevitable, demise: <div id="form"> <select name="demise" id="demise"> <option value="monkey"> </option> <option value="cloud">A cloud shaped like a fish was never caught</option> <option value="season">Winter melts to Spring melts to Winter</option> <option value="matrix">We are a simulation on a computer</option> <option value="power">Truth, Beauty, Love</option> </select> <br /> You must<br /> <button type="button" onclick="demize()">Accept Your Own Demise</button></div> <div id="move" style="display:none"> You are a <span id="grape"> </span>. Shaped like the letter "<%= $consonant %>." <br /> <%= $noun %>! you are you: <%= $noun %>, <%= $consonant %>... [[was this fun]]? </div> <script> function demize() { ending = document.getElementById("demise").value; document.getElementById('move').style.display='block'; document.getElementById('form').style.display='none'; document.getElementById('grape').innerHTML= ending; } </script><div id="tear1" style="display:none"><img src="drop1.jpg" /></div> <div id="rant" style="display:block">If (anyone has ever suffered as you have), <br /> Describe this suffering in detail: <br /> <input type="text"> <br /> Else <br /> {be bitter.} </div> ... <div id="tear2" style="Display:none"> <img src="drop2.jpg" /></div> <button id="cry" type="button" onclick="cryFunc()" > Cry. </button> <div id="tear3" style="Display:none" > <img src="drop3.jpg"> </div> <div id="tear4" style="display:none"> [[Your tears run dry.]] </div> <% i = 1; %> <script> function cryFunc() { document.getElementById('tear'+i).style.display='block'; i++; if (i==4) { document.getElementById('tear4').style.display='block'; document.getElementById('cry').style.display='none'; document.getElementById('rant').style.display='none'; } return i; } </script>No, it was fun. It was playing in the mud. <br /> Repetition <br /> Builds meaning: <br /> <hr /> Dear Poetry Consumer, To better serve your needs, <br /> This poem is interactive. <br /> <div id="endMonkey" style="display:none;">Even if you chose not to decide.</div> <div id="endCloud" style="display:none;">Filtered around you like mist.</div> <div id="endSeason" style="display:none;">Your footstep in melting snow.</div> <div id="endMatrix" style="display:none;">(Or you serve its needs.)</div> <div id="endPower" style="display:none;">Truth is beauty.</div> Don't just read:<br /> <div id="aLine" style="Display:none;"> Carry it at the apex of an apple.</div> <div id="lLine" style="Display:none;"> Lick its luscious lovely lies.</div> <div id="tLine" style="Display:none;"> Try tasting its trite terms. </div> <div id="vLine" style="Display:none;"> Vary its voluable varnish</div> <div id="eLine" style="Display:none;"> Beat it in your ears.</div> <div id="iLine" style="Display:none;"> Its own idiosyncratic idiom.</div> <div id="oLine" style="Display:none;"> Oust it, once, and once be lost.</div> <div id="uLine" style="Display:none;"> Lounge in it. Be louche. Lush.</div> The <%= $noun %> incrementing. <br /> See, plus plus: <br /> (Just kidding; I Javascripted) <br /> <div id="aLine2" style="Display:none;"> Accented jargon applied.</div> <div id="lLine2" style="Display:none;"> Line by line, linear.</div> <div id="tLine2" style="Display:none;"> Tokens taken and tagged.</div> <div id="vLine2" style="Display:none;"> Arrived by variables.</div> <div id="eLine2" style="Display:none;"> Semicolons exaunt;</div> <div id="iLine2" style="Display:none;"> Incremented, indexed.</div> <div id="oLine2" style="Display:none;"> Shook it to sudo root.</div> <div id="uLine2" style="Display:none;"> Underscore, this unit.</div> You are an insouciant <%= ending %>, <br /> And thank you for playing. <script> if ($consonant=="a") { document.getElementById('aLine').style.display='block'; document.getElementById('aLine2').style.display='block'; } else if ($consonant=="l") { document.getElementById('lLine').style.display='block'; document.getElementById('lLine2').style.display='block'; } else if ($consonant=="t") { document.getElementById('tLine').style.display='block'; document.getElementById('tLine2').style.display='block'; } else if ($consonant=="v") { document.getElementById('vLine').style.display='block'; document.getElementById('vLine2').style.display='block'; } else if ($consonant=="e") { document.getElementById('eLine').style.display='block'; document.getElementById('eLine2').style.display='block'; } else if ($consonant=="i") { document.getElementById('iLine').style.display='block'; document.getElementById('iLine2').style.display='block'; } else if ($consonant=="o") { document.getElementById('oLine').style.display='block'; document.getElementById('oLine2').style.display='block'; } else if ($consonant=="u") { document.getElementById('uLine').style.display='block'; document.getElementById('uLine2').style.display='block'; } if (ending=="monkey") { document.getElementById('endMonkey').style.display='block'; } else if (ending=="cloud") { document.getElementById('endCloud').style.display='block'; } else if (ending=="season") { document.getElementById('endSeason').style.display='block'; } else if (ending=="matrix") { document.getElementById('endMatrix').style.display='block'; } else if (ending=="power") { document.getElementById('endPower').style.display='block'; } </script>