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Introducing sub-Q

by Tory Hoke

26 September 2016

By partnering twice a year with sub-Q, SH will bring new eyeballs to interactive fiction, new voices to its pages, and emotional, unforgettable, revolutionary stories to your screen.

Introducing Samovar

by Sarah Dodd, Laura Friis, Helen Marshall, and Greg West

19 September 2016

Our plan is to publish respectful English-language translations of speculative fiction stories from around the world alongside the originals, and to provide readers with a closer view of different traditions through podcasts, reviews, interviews, and articles.

Fund Drive 2016

by Niall Harrison

12 September 2016

It's your donations that enable us to pay our contributors and to keep publishing each week.

The Next Horizon

by Niall Harrison

29 August 2016

The report published earlier this month by Fireside magazine, which found that of 2,039 original stories published by 63 SF magazines in 2015, only 38 were by black authors, indicates an unambiguous failure on the part of the SF field and, because we know our own numbers and they're in the spreadsheet accompanying the report, an unambiguous failure on the part of Strange Horizons.

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