Spring 2005 Donor Prizes

Strange Horizons thanks all of our generous contributors for providing these prizes! Prize winners will be selected by our own special Sorting Hat from all donors after the Fund Drive ends.

One-of-a-kind illustrated Other Cities chapbook
The stories in Benjamin Rosenbaum's Other Cities chapbook originally appeared in Strange Horizons. Ben has donated a special copy of this chapbook, which he has not only signed, but also covered the title page with a drawing of a strange creature reading Strange Horizons in a foreign city. (Donated by Benjamin Rosenbaum.)

Writers of the Future, Volume 19
This anthology will be autographed by two contributing authors, Joel Best and Jay Lake. Joel Best's work has appeared in a such print and online publications as Writers of the Future, Strange Horizons, Eclectica, and Quick Fiction.

Violet Miranda: Girl Pirate
Strange Horizons is serializing this fabulous comic by Emily Pohl-Weary and Willow Dawson, and now you can have the adventures of Violet Miranda in print.

A one-year subscription to Full Unit Hookup
Full Unit Hookup is a print magazine published and edited by Mark Rudolph. FUHU (pronounced Foo-Hoo) is dedicated to publishing the finest fiction, articles, and poetry that the editor can seek out, hunt down, or dig up. New writers. New forms. New ideas. (Donated by Mark Rudolph.)

Knit clownfish
A small hand-knit stuffed-animal clownfish made for you by our own editor-in-chief, Susan Marie Groppi!

Original SF/F artwork by Judith W. Huey
A black and white pencil drawing that is matted. The size is 12 x 17 inches overall; the pencil image is 5 x 9 inches. The subject is a beautiful nude woman wrapping her hair. In the background is a night sky with several moons and just-visible flying creatures. (Donated by Judith W. Huey)

Extremes 4: Darkest Africa
This limited-edition CD-ROM features 20 works of original fiction. Illustrated by GAK, Lone Wolf Publications 2002. Signed by contributors, #94/321. (Donated by Marge Simon)

Half-Pound of Coffee
A half-pound of delicious coffee, either in whole bean form or ground, from the Coffee House. The Coffee House in Normal, Illinois, imports its own premium coffee beans, which are then roasted and flavored in-house by the Coffee House's lovely coffee nymphs. Choose from a variety of exciting flavors, decaf or regular, including Highlander Grog (maple), Viennese Blend, and Kahlua Cream. (Donated by Donald Mead.)

Papercraft copy of The Poltergeist of Paris, by Elizabeth Barrette
Computer-printed on archival-quality art paper with embellishments, assembled by hand, suitable for framing or displaying in a scrapbook. Winner's choice of 8 1/2" x 11" or 12" square format, with or without author's autograph. This poem, a bittersweet science fiction ghost story, first appeared in The Pedestal; it has since been nominated for the 2005 Rhysling Award (long poem category).
Elizabeth Barrette writes speculative poetry and fiction, among other things. Her poetry has appeared in over 200 markets including StarLine, Mytholog, and The Magazine of Speculative Poetry. In 2003 she won the Poet Laureate competition in Sol Magazine. She enjoys scrapbooking for fun, and often shares her poetry this way with family and friends. (Donated by Elizabeth Barrette.)

Report to the Men's Club
by Carol Emshwiller.
(Donated by Small Beer Press.)

The Mount
by Carol Emshwiller.
(Donated by Small Beer Press.)

the ruined city
A chapbook of dark fantasy poetry by David C. Kopaska-Merkel. The book is signed and numbered (100 copies) and includes both previously published and never-before-seen work. Black-and-white cover illustration by the illimitable GAK. Saddle-stitched and digest size. (Donated by David C. Kopaska-Merkel.)

St. Brigid Cross
St. Brigid crosses have been made for centuries by the Irish for protection of their homes, or for protection over their children's cribs at night. There are several versions of this cross depending upon the region of the country. The crosses are made out of all-natural materials, and are either three- or four-legged. Choose from a nice large one for your door, or a few smaller ones for over little cribs, of whichever kind you choose. (Donated by Haddayr Copley-Woods.)

Consumed Reduced to Beautiful Grey Ashes, by Linda Addison
Linda Addison's poetry collection from Space & Time, which received the HWA Bram Stoker award. "...reveals the little horrors of the days, the curiously individual science fictions of the nights, the fantasies where 'tomorrow will be reborn.'" --Charlee Jacob (Donated by Linda Addison.)

Dark Dreams anthology
Publishers Weekly writes: "Thriller writer Massey's strong anthology showcases 20 new horror and suspense stories by African-American writers, both established and upcoming. Linda Addison plays fresh variations on the voodoo theme in 'The Power.'" (Donated by Linda Addison.)

Meet Me In the Moon Room
Ray Vukcevich's collection of short fiction appeared on the Locus Recommended Reading list in 2001 and was nominated for the Phillip K. Dick award. Vukcevich is a master of the surreal and absurd, and his collection is a joy to read. (Donated by Ray Vukcevich.)

Limited Edition "Sea Teller" print
Susan Urbanek Linville is offering a matted 11" x 14" hand-colored limited edition print of her pen & ink drawing entitled "Sea Teller" (a fortune-telling dolphin). If you would like to see a jpg of the original B&W, please email her at svrsul@bluemarble.net. (Donated by Susan Urbanek Linville.)

"Heather" and other works, by humor columnist Sharon Wachsler
What do you do when your lover cares more for thunderstorms than for you, and your New England maple-glazed ham cannot compete with her longing for icicles to form on her nose on a fishing boat in Alaska? Find out in Harrington Lesbian Fiction Quarterly's excerpt of Wachsler's short story "Heather." Also included are popular humor essays, including "The Hindrance Dog: Bringing Home the Anti-Lassie," "Pap Goes the Wheezer," "Pavement Peace," and other hilarious observations by the Jewish disabled lesbian Dave Barry. (Donated by Sharon Wachsler.)

Sky Songs II: Spiritual SF
A copy of the spiritual SF anthology Sky Songs II by Sky Song Press (Orillia, Ontario) edited by Steve Stanton. Sky Songs II is a collection of 17 speculative short stories and includes the award-winning "The Butterfly Collector" (winner of the 2003 Raymond Carver Award) by Fred McGavran, "Tree Dance" (winner of the 2004 Word Guild Award) by Donna Farley, and "The Red Bird" (finalist for the 2002 Aurora Award) by Douglas Smith. Nina's own story, "Angel's Promises," was nominated for the SLF Fountain Award in 2003. (Donated by Nina Munteanu.)

Building Harlequin's Moon
Advanced uncorrected proof of Building Harlequin's Moon, the sweeping science fiction tale by New York Times bestselling author Larry Niven and relative newcomer Brenda Cooper. Brenda has had short fiction in Strange Horizons, Analog, Oceans of the Mind, and multiple anthologies. Larry, of course, has published fiction almost everywhere. Building Harlequin's Moon will be out in hardcover in June from Tor books. (Donated by Brenda Cooper.)

Rode Hard, Put Away Wet: Lesbian Cowboy Erotica
Connie Wilkins will donate a signed copy of Rode Hard, Put Away Wet: Lesbian Cowboy Erotica, an anthology coedited by her alter ego Sacchi Green and published by Suspect Thoughts Press. The book will be available in June. Signatures by several of the authors may be available, including—take a deep breath—Jay Lake. (Donated by Connie Wilkins.)

Sick Humor Postcards—A Twisted Look at Life with Disability
A 12-pack contains humorist and disability rights activist Sharon Wachsler's most popular cartoons, including "Clip 'n Copy" "("handy responses for all those 'helpful' suggestions")", "If Hollywood Did Disability . . . ," and "Late Night with MCS/CFIDS" (where the cat contemplates existential questions about being neutered). (Donated by Sharon Wachsler.)

The Glaze from Breaking
The dreadlocks of polar bears; the atomized droplets of an underground waterfall; oranges as an offering to the dead; a purple hippopotamus wading pool in a strip club; hoarfrost and aurora borealis and bail bondsmen and roadkill: Joanne Merriam's inaugural collection of poetry catalogues morsels of experience. The Glaze from Breaking overflows with lovely, vivid poems about the aftermath of a breakup, and the redemptive power of travel, nature, and love. (Donated by Joanne Merriam.)

Dogs in the Moonlight
This critically acclaimed collection is personalized by the author, Jay Lake, the 2004 Campbell Award winner. (Donated by Jay Lake.)

Blues for Port City
David Lunde's chapbook of SF poetry. (Donated by David Lunde.)

Five Chapbooks from Small Beer Press
Small Beer Press's chapbook series is dedicated to bringing attention to writers of short fiction its editors believe deserve a wider audience. The chapbooks are beautiful (see the covers here) and low-priced—and sometimes come signed by the author. Can there really be a better choice for bedtime reading? (Donated by Small Beer Press.)

  • Theodora Goss, The Rose in Twelve Petals & Other Stories
  • Richard Butner, Horses Blow Up Dog City & Other Stories
  • Christopher Rowe, Bittersweet Creek
  • Benjamin Rosenbaum, Other Cities
  • Mark Rich, Foreigners, and Other Familiar Faces

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