Table of Contents | 7 October 2002
Nature, magic, and the mystical are the driving forces behind my art. Wonderfully written stories always provide fuel for the fire.
If we run the galaxies backward in time, we see that there must have been a time, then, when all the galaxies were in the same place, or very nearly so. This is not an ironclad conclusion, but it is the simplest one, given the evidence of the Doppler shifts.
Why a Strange Horizons workshop? Aren't our writers already fabulous? Well, yes—obviously, we think so. But that doesn't mean they can't get better. We'd like our writers to just get better and better and better. And there aren't a whole lot of tools out there to help them do that.
Funny thing, I thought I heard the water / in the bottles crying, like kids snatched / away from their mother, like lost kittens / grabbed by the scruff and stolen away.
I started thinking like a scholar again, thinking about the sweat lodge and trying to codify in ethnological and psychological terms what had gone on there. Perhaps that was my mistake.
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