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Note: bios and links may be out of date.

Jeremy "Elvis" Adams (former Newsletter Editor)
Jeremy spends his time living in a hick town in the wonderful world of Utah. When not chasing goats and monitoring the still that makes his "medicine," he writes weird stories involving heartache, cheese, and very small rocks. One day, he plans to have plastic surgery and start his music career under the name Elvis Winklestein. After that, he will marry pop singer Jewel and take over the world. Until then, he just does the grunt work for "The Man."

Joseph Aitken (Proofreader)
Joseph Aitken was born in Canada and currently resides in The Woodlands, Texas, where he reads and writes and occasionally does other things. He can be found online at

Deb Alvers (former Assistant Webmaster)
Deb lives in Brisbane, Australia, with her husband and two insane Somali cats. She abandoned her feminist principles when she got married because she likes being at the top of alphabetical lists. In true fairy tale fashion, her husband thought he was marrying a blonde IT geek, but she turned into a brunette Arts student, unpublished novelist and assistant editor for Aurealis. He's still looking for his receipt, but as with all fairy stories, the spell is already wearing off.

Angela Ambroz (former First Reader)
Angela is totally into post-colonial, edgy science fiction that mixes languages, religions and fashions, and uses a lot of bad words. She is also into: ukeleles, food, financial markets, feminism, Hindi, her new sneakers, US history, and sticking it to the man. Saul Tigh is her BFF (in her dreams!). She is also an economist by day, and a First Reader by evening/breakfast. Some of her work has appeared in Strange Horizons, Expanded Horizons, Reflection's Edge and GigaNotoSaurus.

Genevieve Aoki (former First Reader)

Ramon Arjona (former Development)
Originally from Hawaii, Ramon now lives in Washington state with his wife, daughter and two cats. Ramon's work has appeared in the Absinthe Literary Review, Exquisite Corpse, and ZYZZYVA.

Cyd Athens (former First Reader)
A sexagenarian, pronoun-fluid, black, gay, speculative fiction enthusiast, Cyd's passions involve such extraterrestrial ambitions as hyperspace jumps, intergalactic relationships, and alien astronomy. Cyd is a University of California, San Diego (UCSD) certified copy editor, an affiliate member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA), a former reviewer and assistant managing editor for Tangent Online, and an associate editor for the Unidentified Funny Objects (UFO) humorous science fiction and fantasy anthologies. Originally from 45.5231° N, 122.6765° W, Cyd now resides in 49.2827° N, 123.1207° W and lives online at

Rhiannon Bertaud-Gandar (former First Reader)
Rhiannon Bertaud-Gandar is an historian, a chronic reader of speculative fiction and an indifferent gardener. She lives in New Zealand.

Nathan Barker (former Bookstore Editor)

Zach Bartlett (former First Reader)
Zach Bartlett is a former New Englander living in New Orleans who still uses "wicked" as an intensifier. Northern Dandy, a collection of his short humor from the NOLA-based reading series Esoterotica, was published in 2016. You can find more of his writing at

Caroline Barraco (former First Reader)
Caroline Barraco is a native of Michigan, and currently attends the University of Iowa for English and International Relations. In her free time, she enjoys knitting, making small animals out of felt (to have an excuse to stick needles in things), reading comic books, arguing about obscure history, and watching British television. Formerly, she worked in a library and has many terrifying stories about the experience.

Joan Bedinger (former First Reader)
Joan Bedinger is an English major and creative writing minor with a limited capacity for practicality. Usually hunched over a book or computer, she might also be found making lentil mush at her vegetarian co-op or trying to keep independent radio financially solvent.

Noah ben David (former First Reader)
Noah ben David is an 8,611m mountain in the Karakoram range, located in the northeast corner of Pakistan, and has never been climbed in the winter. He is also an educator who writes speculative fiction and lives in Chicago with two cats and one husband. Can be found online @noahbendavid and

Liliya Benderskaya (former First Reader)
Lily was born in Ukraine and grew up in Boston, which probably explains her love of language and linguistics, and definitely explains her tendency to swear like a proverbial sailor when among friends. She has a degree in Counseling Psychology, which she applies to her never-ending quest for psychological realism in fictional characters. She has made it her life's mission to pet every cat or dog she comes across.

Kaitlin Beranek (former First Reader)
Kaitlin Beranek is fascinated by words and how human stories create our global narratives. All we really have are our stories, and they are consistently what keeps human culture alive. Kaitlin is currently teaching English in South Korea and, in her free time, traveling, writing, prepping for graduate school, and watching Parks and Recreation.

Jessica Berg (former Development Director)

Steve Berman (former Newsletter Editor)
Steve Berman does not promise that any of his talents are unearthly, but he does enjoy reading and writing some good fiction. He recently published a collection of queer short stories, Trysts, and is currently taking time out from working a real job (and pursuing a normal life) to contribute to Strange Horizons and write a really cool goth YA novel.

Tonya Bezpalko (Proof Reader) Living deep in moose-infested Canada, Tonya dabbles in text-based gaming, including MUD administration and infrequently making Twine games about petting cats and jewel thievery, though not at the same time. One day, they'll go back to school for that linguistics degree, but until then they know exactly enough to be a danger to themself and others. You can find pictures of their cats and others on Twitter at @neongrey33.

Charlotte Bhaskar (former First Reader)

Sunita Bhatia (former Art Editor)

Ian Birnbaum (former First Reader)

A. Katherine Black (former First Reader)
A. Katherine Black is an audiologist, a writer, and a graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop. She adores multicolored pens, giant spiders, and everything at 2am. She lives in Maryland with her family, their cats, and her coffee machines. Her thoughts occasionally land at and on twitter @akatherineblack.

Elinor Bonifant (former First Reader)
Elinor Bonifant is a writer and illustrator from North Carolina. She is the creator of The Haunted Hour podcast and loves all things horror. Most of the time, you can find her rewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer or researching southern urban legends. More information about Elinor and her work can be found at

Harold Bowes and M. R. James (former Poetry Editors)
Harold and Mardel are a husband and wife team. Harold's poems have appeared in such electronic magazines as Snow Monkey, elimae, Taint, Failbetter, Eleven Bulls, and Pig Iron Malt. He received a Pushcart nomination from Failbetter for 2003. Harold also edits Alba, an ezine dedicated to short poems. M. R. James has a MA in English and is a part-time faculty member in the English department of a small community college. Her background is in prose fiction and 19th century American and English literature.

Jira Boymoushakian (former First Reader)
Jira Boymoushakian is a writer living in California who loves weird science fiction and all the types of fantasy out there.

Darin Bradley (former Copy Editor)
Darin Bradley is a Ph.D. candidate in Poetics at the University of North Texas. In addition to fussing over punctuation and spelling, he enjoys classic horror films, single malt scotch, and speaking about himself in third person.

Benjamin Buchholz (former Development / PR)
Ben's non-relevant schooling in Classical Antiquities somehow birthed a succession of marketing, PR and Internet jobs. Likewise, Ben's non-relevant side job as an officer in the US Army has gotten him activated for the next who-knows-how-long. Ben misses marketing work, loves speculative fiction, and suddenly has some free-time between Army assignments to help one of his favorite 'zines.

Mary Elizabeth Burroughs (former Development and Articles Editor)

Mary Elizabeth Burroughs, a native of Florida, is a writer, illustrator, and consultant living in Oxford, Mississippi. She earned a degree in Art and English (BA), as well as one in Creative Writing (MFA). Among other things, Mary adores graphic novels, television, antique illustrations, and spices.

Audra Bruno (former Development / PR)
Audra's background is in Public Health Advocacy and Credit Management, which seems like it ought to translate to PR and Development in a very SpecFic sort of way, doesn't it? Her day job keeps her pretty busy, but since we've recently discovered she's also A. Leigh Jones, we figure she must have more free time than she lets on.

Fred Bush (former Senior Articles Editor)
Fred Bush is a graduate student in English Literature at the University of Rochester. His tendency to pop off to places like Philadelphia and France at the drop of a hat tends to alarm those close to him. Fred enjoys college radio stations, cult movies, conspiracy theory, and left-wing politics. He also writes role-playing games.

Li Chua (former Poetry Editor)
Li Chua was born in Malaysia, and she left with her family left for colder pastures in Canada at the age of two, where she remains to this day.  She is fluent in both French and English, and hopes to master more.  She loves words, food, wandering in glittering cities far from home, and books, more than what the shelf space at home can contain.

Jonathan McCalmont (former Articles Editor)

Jonathan McCalmont is a critic whose work has been published at The SF Site, The New York Review of Science Fiction, Vector and The Escapist as well as Strange Horizons. He maintains a film and literary blog entitled Ruthless Culture and he writes a monthly gaming column at Futurismic entitled Blasphemous Geometries.

Doron Calo (former Art Editor)
Doron has recently been meddling with cell biology in the middle of the desert. Living in Be'er Sheva, the capital of the Negev desert in Israel, and working on his MSc in Ben-Gurion University, Doron still has a bit of leftover time to do his share in running the local speculative fiction scene. He has a humble artistic bent (just enough to allow him to come up each month with an interesting artist for the Strange Horizons gallery), two cats, and lots of books.

Kelli Carlson (former Special Projects Coordinator)
Kelli is a mathematics graduate student at the University of Michigan, and is having a grand time in Ann Arbor, despite the impending or current doom of winter. She listens to indie rock, plays volleyball and soccer, reads like crazy, and makes jewelry out of such common items as safety pins and Starburst wrappers. She has also learned way more about book publishing than she ever meant to.

C. A. Casey (former Music Editor)
C. A. Casey is a mild mannered academic librarian by day and a mild-mannered fantasy writer by night. She currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with her cats and her collection of computers and other electronic toys. She started out life as a musician and is enjoying this opportunity to touch base with her first obsession. Not that she's complaining about the pursuit of writing—three of her fantasy books have been published with a fourth due out in mid-2002.

J. D. Cates (former Bookstore Editor)
J.D. Cates is a product of the backwoods Ozarks who is slowly adjusting to "big-city" life in middle Tennessee. She is a full-time secretary, a part-time I.T. student, a mom, and a lifelong fan of speculative fiction. When she's not managing these rich and varied aspects of her life, J.D. spends too much time on the Net, plays with HTML and JavaScript, and tries to train her hyperactive dog.

Becky Chambers (former First Reader)
Becky Chambers writes science fiction, essays, and anything else she's hired for. On Fridays, she can be found thinking about video games at The Mary Sue. Her work has also appeared at and The Toast. She lives in Iceland, where it is cold, but not as cold as you might think. Like most internet people, she has a website.

S. J. Chambers (former Senior Articles Editor)
S. J. Chambers's nonfiction has appeared in Bookslut, Strange Horizons,, Fantasy, and The Baltimore Sun's Read Street blog. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in New Myths, Yankee Pot Roast, The Hiss Quarterly, and Mungbeing magazines. Her first book, The Steampunk Bible, co-authored with Jeff VanderMeer, will be out from Abrams Images in May, 2011. She loves receiving visitors at

S.A. Chandra (former First Reader)
S.A. Chandra grew up in Michigan and works in public policy on the U.S. east coast. She's fond of dancing and the methodology sections of anything.

Kena Chavva (former First Reader)
Kena Chavva is a student and writer in New Jersey, where she spends her days paying library fines and searching for perfect sentences instead of studying. She is a graduate of the Alpha Young Writer's Workshop. One summer she will take a cross-country road trip and end up in California.

Kay Chronister (former First Reader)
Kay Chronister is a literature student with librarian-shaped aspirations. She lives in Seattle and spends most of her spare time trying to achieve the perfect fairy hair.

Nino Cipri (former First Reader)
Nino Cipri is a queer and genderqueer writer living in Chicago. A graduate of the 2014 Clarion Writers’ Workshop, Nino's fiction has appeared in Crossed Genres,, Fireside Fiction, Betwixt, Daily Science Fiction, and The Journal of Unlikely Entomology. One time, an angry person called Nino a verbal terrorist, which has since made a great T-shirt slogan.

Darja Malcolm-Clarke (former Articles Editor)
Darja has an illustrious past as a circus knife thrower. She puts the "can" in the Uncanny, the "Iä" in "Ftaghn," and the lime in the coconut. Her hobbies include parthenogenesis, English graduate pogroms at IU Bloomington, and hermaphroditic muskrat breeding.

Paul Clements (former First Reader)
Paul Clements is a graduate of Goldsmiths with a BA in Modern Literature. He lives and works in Yorkshire, England, and has an incomprehensible accent. He prides himself on his encyclopedic knowledge of Norse mythology, writes stories, and reads far too much. His partner Alice and their dog Duke keep him somewhat grounded in reality, but most people still find him rather strange.

Christopher Cobb (former Reviews Editor)
Christopher Cobb is a well-traveled teacher of English literature: he's taught in Connecticut, Maine, Tennessee, and North Carolina. He's currently an assistant professor at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, where he teaches Shakespeare and Renaissance literature. He enjoys work as an editor at Strange Horizons because he can comment on style without having to give out grades! He's been a lover of speculative fiction since reading The Hobbit at age 10, and Tolkien remains a favorite author. In his copious free time, he is an avid folk dancer. He is not a writer of fiction, at least not yet.

Christian Coleman (former First Reader)
Christian A. Coleman hails from Albuquerque, NM and the 2013 class of the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop. He currently lives and writes in the Boston area. You can find him on Twitter at @coleman_II.

Carey Ford Compton (former First Reader)
Carey Ford Compton is probably not an alien. She writes many different flavors of SF and serves as nonfiction editor for Sycamore Review. Soon, she will have an MFA in fiction from Purdue University. She is a Futurescapes alumna and her work appears or is forthcoming in anthologies from Queer Sci Fi and The Nature of Cities 2099. She’s married to a chemist, which is kind of a letdown because she thought there’d be more explosions involved. Ask her about fountain pens or em dashes on Twitter: @CFordCompton.

Heather Corinna (former Art Editor)
Heather is the founder, owner, designer and editor of Scarlet Letters and Scarleteen. Her work has appeared online at Maxi, PIF Magazine, LeisureSuit.Net, Orato, Clean Sheets,and Other Rooms amongst others, and in the anthologies Viscera, The Adventures of Food, Aqua Erotica, and the forthcoming Zaftig: An Anthology of Well-Rounded Erotica. Her work in positive sexuality activism and education has received accolades everywhere from The Industry Standard to the Illinois Library Association, from The City Pages to Playboy, and from the Boston Phoenix to the Kinsey Institute. She lives in the Twin Cities with an extensive zoo and a stunning androgyne, and has performed the medical miracle of living for 30 years on nothing but coffee, cigarettes, and stubbornness.

Jane Crowley (former Editor-in-Chief)
Jane Crowley is deeply enthusiastic about tea, being in and around water, and things with wings (mechanical or avian). By day she is a marketer for a UK university. By night she writes poetry and other miscellaneous fragments that occasionally find a home and get published.

M.J. Cunniff (former Poetry Editor)
M.J. Cunniff is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Brown University; their research interests include poetics, feminist theory, and queer readings of the speculative. M.J. has a website, but can more regularly be found tweeting about gender, cocktails, and the MBTA at @finishmywords.

Ana Curtis (former First Reader)
Ana Maria Curtis is from the part of Illinois that's not Chicago but goes to school in Philadelphia. In her fleeting free time, she writes fantasy, gets into fights about 19th century British literature, and gets distracted by dogs. You can find her fangirling on Twitter at @AnaMCurtis.

Kathryn Dalziel (former First Reader)
Kathryn Dalziel is a reader, a dreamer, and an aspiring writer and editor who lives near the ocean at the edge of the world in Perth, Western Australia. She is in the final year of a BA in Professional Writing and Publishing. Her heart, and her pen, have always been drawn to the darker, stranger elements of the human experience, but don't be fooled: she also loves cupcakes, unicorns, and brightly coloured shiny things.

Michael J. DeLuca (former Editorial Assistant)

Donna Denn (former Reviews Contact Manager - US)
Donna Denn works in the books department of the area Hastings store. (It's an entertainment superstore where they sell books, movies, music and software. Also glow in the dark toilet seats, and just about any novelty item you could imagine.) She does reviews for Maggie at Compulsive Reader. She runs several reading groups at yahoogroups: Fantasy Favorites, as well as Oprah Classics. And she participates in a lot of other reading groups, or at least chatters a lot on them. Married, two cats, kids are out creating havoc on their own now. Reading is her main hobby (besides being an internet junkie). Favorite authors include (but are not limited to) George RR Martin, Robin Hobb, Stephen King, Guy Gavriel Kay, Robert Jordan, Orson Scott Card, and several more. She lives in a little town (just outside of Stephenville on a map) called Dublin in Texas where the St Patrick's Day festival includes such fun activities as cow patty bingo and blind tractor races.

Kate Dollarhyde (former Editor-in-Chief)
Kate Dollarhyde is a rogue editor, narrative designer and writer of speculative fiction. Previously, she was the archivist for Locus Magazine's nonprofit, Locus Science Fiction Foundation. Though she lives in Oakland, California, her true home is on the internet.

Kelly Doran (former First Reader)
Kelly spends her days studying for her MA in English Literature at Queens College, and her nights writing. She lives on Long Island and spends her free time reading, cuddling with one of her three cats or the Pomeranian, and trying to learn Old, Middle, and Modern English.

Roger Dutcher (former Poetry Editor)
Roger Dutcher is a poet and the editor of the Magazine of Speculative Poetry (MSP) since 1984. His poetry has appeared in Asimov's, Talebones, Star*Line, Modern Haiku and numerous other magazines. In addition to poetry he is interested in ecology, music, beer/wine and travel. Science fiction (and fantasy) have been a passion since he first discovered Ray Bradbury far longer ago than he cares to admit.

M. Hope Echales (former First Reader)
M. Hope Echales earned degrees in biology and political science when she wasn't editing for the independent book company [Press]. She lives in Philadelphia, with her girlfriend, where she can usually be found first reading for Inscription Magazine, listening to a staggering number of podcasts, or attempting to disentangle her cat from her own toys.

George Tom Elavathingal (former First Reader)
George Tom lives in Bangalore, India. He spends his time studying short fiction and technology. He writes occasionally.

Chris Ezzell (former Assistant Webmaster)

Learned Foote (former First Reader)
Learned grew up in Michigan, where he was home-schooled and read a lot of books. Now he lives in Brooklyn and reads a lot of books. He lives with a snake named Sigmund, a Spanish guitar, 6 bookshelves (so far), and 3 library cards (all of which are needed). He is always on the lookout for good stories, sciences, and songs.

Rose Fox (former Copy Editor)

Juliana Froggatt (former Reviews Editor)
Juliana has a degree in Classical Civilizations with a concentration in Latin, so questions from her fiancé about Greek roots tend to annoy her although she hopes to be able to answer them someday. But between a new job (at UC Press), a new apartment (in north Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto, and a (new) engagement, she has less time than ever to get around to studying them.

Jonas Gagnon (former First Reader)
Jonas Gagnon is a journalist and writer currently spending his time in southern Alberta.

Janelle Garcia (former First Reader)

Janelle lives in South Florida with her husband, two daughters, a corn snake, and their little old diabetic Chihuahua. She earned her MFA at FAU, and now she writes fiction and teaches freshman composition online. Her work has appeared in Kenyon Review Online, Burrow Press Review, and Quiddity. In her spare time, she sometimes draws things and sews other things and perhaps knits half a scarf or two.

John Garrison (former Reviews Editor / Newletter Editor)
John Garrison is a writer, poet, and essayist. He lives in San Francisco with his partner and their golden retriever. When not writing, he can often be found swing and ballroom dancing.

Elora Gatts (Proofreader)
Elora is an editor with a startup in the Midwest. She spends her spare time contemplating the intricacies of literature, history, and tiramisu.

Shane Gavin (former Senior Webmaster)
Third person says: Shane hails from a rainy little border town in the North East of Ireland. He's a game development student (a so-called "mature" student), occasional pseudomusician, person who sometimes draws and speculative fiction writer. His passions in life are science fiction and code, not always in that order. When visiting the interwebs, he stays at, and sometimes visits

Nahal Ghanbari (former First Reader)
Nahal Ghanbari is a Lit. major and an accountant, a combination that still surprises her. On her free time she reads, watches too much Netflix and HBO, and travels less than she would like. She resides in Uppsala, Sweden.

Craig Gidney (Development)
Craig Laurance Gidney lives and writes in Washington, DC. (Yes, he's run into various politicos; he even has a slightly interesting anecdotes about Bill Clinton and James Carville). For more news about him, you can read his blog:

Ira Gladkova (former First Reader)
Ira Gladkova is a queer and genderqueer SFF lover originally from Russia who now lives in the United States. They write, draw art, and make videos, as well as being an avid reader and gamer. They live together with their partner, four cats, and Corgi dog. Ira blogs about SFF through an intersectional feminist lens at the Hugo-nominated blog, Lady Business.

Sharon K. Goetz (former Senior Copy Editor)

Too fond of textuality for her own good, Sharon K. Goetz works for a print-and-digital project that creates critical editions. She thought that finishing her Ph.D. (on medieval English chronicles and their manuscript contexts) would free up some time, but it hasn't. Sharon enjoys reading SF, playing video games, crocheting with thread, and hiking.

Sarah Goldman (former First Reader)
Sarah is a sociology student in the Philadelphia area who spends her time writing, petting cats, and listening to too many podcasts. She can be found on Twitter @sarahwhowrites.

Isaac Goldstein (former First Reader)

Isaac is a lifelong reader of Science Fiction and Fantasy and an aspiring professional author. Currently, he attends Lewis and Clark College where he studies Mathematics and sings a lot.

Kathryn Graham (former Bookstore Manager)

Roy Graham (former First Reader)
Roy Graham is a writer from New York and graduate of the Rutgers-Camden MFA program. His nonfiction has been featured in Rolling Stone, Playboy, and Motherboard. His fiction has been featured in the anthology "The Night Bazaar: Eleven Haunting Tales of Forbidden Wishes and Dangerous Desires" and its sequel, "The Night Bazaar: Venice."

Véronique Greenwood (former Articles Editor)

Besha Grey (former First Reader)
Besha Grey lives in a big house with a small dog. She makes health care happen, trains sex educators, and reads an alarming amount of speculative fiction. You can hear her terrible jokes on her podcast at, or read them on Twitter at @besha.

Susan Marie Groppi (former Fiction Editor, and former Editor-in-Chief)
Susan is a high-school history teacher, a World Fantasy Award winner, and an amateur bread-maker. She lives in Brooklyn, where she loves the city but hates the weather.

Sam Guay (former First Reader)
Sam Guay is a scifi/fantasy illustrator living in the forests of New Hampshire. Her work has been featured in publications such as Imagine FX, Nightmare Magazine, and Spectrum. When not immersed in creative plots she can be found wandering the woods, keeping bees, and forcing everyone to listen while she talks about her weird dreams. Find more at

Julia Gunnison (former First Reader)
Julia works in the fields of film curation and arts administration in Los Angeles. She enjoys nonfiction cinema, cultural criticism, and daydreaming.

Carole Hall (former Art Editor)
Carole has had various exotic pets such as chameleons, lizards, a squirrel monkey, a husband, and a small son. She lives in the UK. Her illustrations have appeared in venues such as Strange Horizons and Midnight Street, and her dark fantasy stories in Legend, Quietus Gothic Literary Magazine, Horror Express, and the anthologies Sutekh's Gift and Amazing Heroes.

Janet Hanseth (former Assistant Webmaster)
Janet currently lives in Flagstaff, Arizona, and claims she will never, ever adapt to life at 7,000 feet.

J. Alexander Harman (former Science Advisor)
J. Alexander Harman (Alex to those who know him) is a part-time, non-degree-seeking graduate student in entomology at the University of Maryland, College Park (which refers to his status as "Advanced Special Student"—he hopes that whoever came up with that title didn't considerthe acronym for it). He is presently applying for full-time status at several graduate schools, and hopes to enter such a program in the fall of 2001. In the mean time, he does contract work at the National Museum of Natural History, and spends his free time reading, surfing the Web, watching anime, and ballroom dancing, not necessarily in that order. He is also a member of the Washington Area Secular Humanists, and runs the UMCP chapter of the Campus Freethought Alliance. His qualifications as an articles editor are somewhat dubious, but he does the best he can.

R Michael Harman (former New Media Reviews Editor)
R Michael Harman lives with the world's cutest cats in an ivory tower in Palo Alto. His love of pop culture and shiny things led him to direct Strange Horizons' coverage of new media. He spends his spare time wandering around San Francisco, and among friends, who call him Auros. He sometimes has trouble remembering to respond to his given name. He got his start editing at the Johns Hopkins University Writing Center, where he worked with students on everything from original poetry to engineering theses. Though his resemblance to Renaissance depictions of the Christian savior has been frequently observed, and he does endorse ideals of peace and love, he is not, in fact, a deity.

Jed Hartman (former Fiction Editor)
Jed is a technical writer, generalist, and dilettante living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a graduate of Clarion West. When he had spare time, he used to have an eclectic set of interests, including fiction, movies, juggling, linguistics, theatre, 3D graphics, folk music, wordplay, games, technology, and listmaking. These days his activities mostly involve reading submitted stories.

Michael Harris (former Assistant Webmaster)

Michael has finished a degree and is currently working on a second (expected to finish sometime between June 2013 and June 2014). He sometimes updates the website at with various bits and pieces. If he grows up he wants to be a supermodel, or maybe a librarian. One or the other. He constantly day dreams stories, but has not yet managed to write any down.

Niall Harrison (former Editor-in-Chief)
By day, Niall is a mild-mannered medical writer; by night, an sf fan, editor, and would-be critic. He has written for Interzone, Foundation, Vector, Bookslut, and The Internet Review of Science Fiction, among others. He lives in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK.

Judith Hayman (former Music Editor)
Judith is a wife, mother, cat-owner and Public Health Nurse in Southern Ontario. She has been reading SF&F since age 10, with many interesting results to her view of the world. She found fandom and filk music through a Star Trek convention. Since 1993 she's been on the committee for FilKONtario, including 7 years as chair or co-chair. In 1994 she was invited to join the Board of Directors of Interfilk, an arts charity for filkers, as the Canadian representative. Aside from writing for dull, boring professional publications, she's also been a regular columnist for fanzines. She's a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter with a CD and songbook published (both titled, Sea of Stars).

Amanda Helms (former First Reader)
Amanda Helms is a native Coloradan who doesn't ski or snowboard (such creatures are more common than you think). She works in educational publishing. When she's not doing that, she can often be found walking her dog, baking, or writing speculative fiction.

Chris Heinemann (former Fiction Editor)
Chris is a writer, weaver, mom, wife, pet owner, taxi service, cookie mom, and entrepreneur . . . and in serious need of a twelve step program for those who take on way too many projects. She has been known to seek solitude on long hikes through the mountains near her Virginia home, but she can most often be found chained to her computer desk, reading story submissions.

Miriah Hetherington (former First Reader)

David Higgins (former Articles Editor)
David Higgins is a Ph.D. graduate student working on a combined doctorate in American Literature and American Studies at Indiana University. He specializes in post-1945 American literature with an emphasis in speculative fiction, and his critical interests include postmodernism, imperialism, globalization, and gender. In addition to serving as an articles editor for Strange Horizons, David is a member of GSAC (the English Department Graduate Student Advisory Committee) and the President of I.U. Live Action, an organiztion dedicated to experimental improvisational theatre and community-based philanthropy. His dissertation considers the ways in which speculative fiction offers new insights for reconciling a postmodern commitment to strong cultural relativism with a deep inquiry into conditions of postmodernity under late-capitalism. In addition to his academic work, David is a roleplaying enthusiast, a film-lover, a part-time musician, and a fan of foxes and cats.

Alexandra Hill (former First Reader)
Alexandra Hill is a Polish-Canadian writer living in New York City. In her previous lives, she completed a PhD in computational biology, then became a consultant. She tweets into the void at @alexandrahillny and sometimes blogs at

Lauren Hinkle (former First Reader)
Lauren is a PhD student in Michigan. There she studies artificial intelligence in robotics, tries to convince people not to fear a robot revolution, and misses the desert and mountains of the west. She enjoys pondering the future of science, technology, robotics, and humanity and likes reading what other people envision.

Paul Hintze (former First Reader)
Paul Hintze is a chemist living in Florida. In between traveling with his wife and wishing he was traveling with his wife, he watches rockets launch and helps people travel to space. You can find him on Twitter @KSCPaul.

Brendan Hogg (former Senior Copy Editor)

Brendan Hogg lives in the South West of England and is training to be a science teacher, in the vain hope of improving the scientific accuracy of the next generation of SF writers.

Lawrence Hollis (former Assistant Webmaster)

David Horwich (former Senior Articles Editor)
David lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Joseph Howse (former Senior Articles Editor)
Joseph Howse is a writer and computer scientist in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He enjoys the stimulus of talking with cats, whether living or apotheosized, and this influence is apparent in his website, Nummist Media. As well as being Senior Articles Editor for Strange Horizons, Joseph has contributed articles, interviews, and reviews to The Chronicle-Herald, Adventure Classic Gaming, and Sheroes Rag. His fiction has appeared in Sheroes Rag, Bewildering Stories, and 10x10x10.

Steven Huff (former First Reader)
Steven Huff lives in Perth, Australia, cleverly disguised as an auditor. He’s a compulsive reader and sporadic writer who drinks gin, climbs things, buys too many comics, and occasionally posts stories, flash fiction, writing exercises, or what he’s reading at

Andrea Hull (former Webmaster)
Andrea lives in La Paz, Bolivia, and is a librarian, mother, and, among other things, a hopeless bookworm and a happy web monkey.

Stephen Ira (former Poetry Editor)
Stephen Ira is a writer and performer. His poetry has appeared in venues like Fence, Poetry, and Paintbucket. He co-founded and co-edited Vetch: A Magazine of Trans Poetry and Poetics. He has performed at venues like La Mama and Dixon Place. “I Have To Think Of Us As Separate People,” a short film he made with Chris Berntsen, premiered at OutFest in 2019, and has since been screened worldwide. In 2013, he was a Lambda Literary Fellow. He has an MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.

Michael Jasper (former Newsletter Editor)
Michael is a graduate of the University of Iowa, N.C. State University, and the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Workshop (though not in that order and not all at the same time); he lives in Raleigh, NC. His wife, Elizabeth, and their adopted former racing greyhound, Whit, wish he would just relax every now and then. But there's always too much to do, and he's recently begun enjoying the fruits of his seemingly unending labors. Publications include a prize-winning story in the upcoming edition of the Writers of the Future anthology, along with publications in PIF Magazine, The Raleigh News and Observer, Dark Planet, Palimpsest, 3 a.m. Magazine, New Works Review, Obsidian II, and O. Henry Festival Stories 1998. His first novel, The Prodigal Sons, deals with two brothers living on a farm in Iowa, and his current novel, Autumn's Fall, is a horror story set in
a small town in Nebraska. He promises his next novel will take place someplace other than the Midwest, probably somewhere in outer space, just for a change of scenery.

Joshua Johnson (former Articles Editor)

Lucas Johnson (former First Reader)

Amanda Johnston (former Development)

Lulu Kadhim (former First Reader and Articles Editor)
Lulu Kadhim is a half-Arab feminist vegan lady who writes science fiction and plays board games when she isn't trying to avoid getting into fights on Reddit. Her love of speculative fiction is lifelong, and challenged only by her love of furry animals, of which she has two and a half. She currently studies English Literature with Creative Writing in London.

Rahul Kanakia (former First Reader)

Isha Karki (former First Reader)
Isha (e-sha) works in publishing and lives in London. She's incurably nocturnal, a Netflix enthusiast, professional procrastinator, serial Snapchatter of food, and strangely craves fiction that reduces her to tears. She's passionate about works that are: diverse, feminist, postcolonial, dystopian and myth or fairytale based. She looks forward to the day her bio will also say: Isha's work has appeared in x, y and z. Check out her retweeting prowess here.

Dustin Katz (former Proofreader)
Dustin Katz lives in San Francisco and spends all his free time reading and writing. He has a Twitter account @dustinkatz, which technically counts as "writing."

Erin Keane (former Poetry Editor)
Keane is the author of two collections of poetry, Death-Defying Acts (WordFarm, 2010) and The Gravity Soundtrack, (WordFarm, 2007). She is the theater critic for Louisville, Kentucky's daily newspaper, The Courier-Journal, and a graduate of Spalding University's MFA in creative writing program. She teaches in National University's MFA program and at Bellarmine University in Louisville, where she lives in a creaky Victorian house across the street from an historic cemetery with her partner Drew and her cat, Harold Bloom. Her complete bio can be found at

Kathryn Keane (former Proofreader)
Kathryn is an Irish student of English and history who sheds her human form by night to write and perform speculative fiction and poetry. Her poems have appeared in Bitterzoet Magazine, Silver Apples Magazine, and the NY Literary Review, amongst other publications, and she has performed at numerous poetry slams and open mic nights. Do not approach her at the full moon. She can be found on Twitter @KeaneBlade.

Juliet Kemp (former First Reader)
Juliet Kemp lives in London with their partners, child, and dog. Their fiction has appeared in Luna Station Quarterly, The Journal of Unlikely Entomology, and various anthologies. In their free time, they go climbing, knit, tend their towering to-be-read pile, and obsess over fountain pens. They can be found on Twitter at @julietk.

Felix Kent (former First Reader)
Felix Kent lives in Northern California but grew up in Southern California. She likes making gifs of vultures and putting them online at

Cassandra Khaw (former Media Reviews Editor)

Cassandra is the business cat for Ysbryd Games, an indie publisher with a big name and an unpronounceable title. She lives in Malaysia, loves dance, and has been dubbed "The Small Change Fairy" by people in the know.

Hillary King (former Articles Editor)
Hillary King is a grad student in the Certificate for Publishing and Comunications program at the Harvard University Extension School, and also a law student at Northeastern University. She hopes to avoid the real world for as long as possible by getting as many degrees as she can. Outside of academia her interests are roleplaying games, ballroom dancing, and jewelry-making.

Erin Kissane (former First Reader)

Mack Knopf (former Articles Editor)
Mack Knopf is currently attending law school at the University of Alabama, where he writes science fiction and fantasy in his spare time. Oddly enough, he finds that creating alternate worlds and parallel timelines fits in quite well with the study of law.

Jen Larsen (former Associate Editor)
Jen is a writer and editor living in the New York metropolitan area. She's currently and simultaneously pursuing both a freelance career and a Masters of Fine Arts Degree. She enjoys piña coladas, getting caught in the rain, and referring to herself in the third person.

Anaea Lay (former Fiction Podcast Editor)
Anaea Lay lives in Seattle, Washington, where she goes for long walks and disrupts the weather. When she isn't reading too much, cooking, or playing board games, she earns money by selling houses and wages battle with days of the week. Her work has appeared in places such as Apex, Penumbra, Lightspeed, Shock Totem, and Nightmare. She lives online at

Eli Lee (former Articles Editor)
Eli Lee is a writer and editor based in London. Her fiction and non-fiction have appeared in The Pigeonhole, Delayed Gratification, The Quietus, and the New Statesman, among others. She is inordinately fond of utopias, cultural theory, and romcoms. She is currently writing a novel about none of these. She can be found on Twitter @_els_.

Melissa Kirkwood Lewis (former Reviews Editor)

Sherman Lewis (former Consulting Editor)

Judy Lillibridge (former First Reader)

Judy is a lifelong writer and aspiring editor who reads voraciously and houses vast depths of emotion about the otherworldly. She recently graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Writing and currently writes book reviews for Publishers Weekly.

Alan Lin (former First Reader)
Alan Lin lives in Santa Barbara, where he writes software and science fiction. A graduate of Clarion 2016, he is a big fan of ginger ale, museums, and the duck-billed platypus.

Monte Lin (former First Reader)
Monte Lin lives in Oakland, and never in that overpriced burg San Francisco. He worked in the social and mobile game industry, but now writes and copyedits for tabletop roleplaying games. His hobbies include games, television binge watching, worrying about his next paycheck, and having his third mid-life crisis. He never blogs at and he never tweets @Monte_Lin.

Samantha Ling (former Articles Editor)
Samantha Ling is a writer from the Sacramento valley and a recent Clarion West graduate. When she's not writing creepy stories, she spends her time taking care of her two pets; a 3-year-old Mini-rex Rabbit named Socks and a 27-year-old hooligan named Mark.

Jia Jia Liu (former Illustrations Editor)
Jia Jia is an undergraduate student at Harvard University but really all she wants to do is actually to go and live in the sci-fi and fantasy worlds that she reads about. Since this is physically impossible she satisfies her ravenous imagination with a healthy diet of SF and fantasy artwork, videogames, Japanese manga and anime. When she's not studying away at her desk, or staring open-mouthed at her fantasy wall-scrolls, she likes to dance, practice kung fu, and do the odd bit of graphic design.

Katherine Macdonald (former Articles Editor)
Katherine—for the purposes of those googling to find out about peers and family—graduated from an academy in the frozen reaches of northern New Hampshire, and has since gone to college near Philadelphia. When she's not in school, she lives in Amish country with her partner, her partner's family, and a very angry cat.

Lis Maguda (former Articles Editor)

Pamela Manasco (former Articles Editor)
Pamela is a writer and poet living in the Birmingham, Alabama area with her husband, dog, and entirely too many books.

Brit Mandelo (former Fiction Editor)
Brit Mandelo is a writer, critic and editor whose primary fields of interest are speculative fiction and queer literature, especially when the two coincide. She currently has two books out, Beyond Binary: Genderqueer and Sexually Fluid Speculative Fiction and We Wuz Pushed: On Joanna Russ and Radical Truth-telling. Her work—fiction, nonfiction, poetry; she wears a lot of hats—has also been featured in magazines such as Stone Telling, Clarkesworld,, and Ideomancer. She is a Louisville native and lives there with her partner in an apartment that doesn't have room for all the books.

Samuel Matz (former First Reader)
Samuel Matz lives in Oregon with family; spending time concerned with trees, genetics, and music. Known on Twitter and Mastodon as @Verdant_Samuel.

Clare McBride (former First Reader)
Clare McBride will read anything once, which she proves all the time at her book blog, The Literary Omnivore. Reared on Mystery Science Theater 3000 and The Legend of Zelda, she talks back to movies and remains a fervent fantasy fan to this day. A French-American military brat, she can usually be found in Atlanta, Georgia, picking through thrift stores for out-of-print editions of The Lord of the Rings and Duran Duran T-shirts.

KC Mead-Brewer (former First Reader)
KC Mead-Brewer is a writer and editor living in beautiful Baltimore, MD. Her writing appears or is forthcoming in Fiction Southeast, NANO Fiction, Cold Mountain Review, and elsewhere. For more information, visit: or follow her @meadwriter

Farah Mendlesohn
Farah Mendlesohn is a Professor and Head of Department at Anglia Ruskin University where she looks after specialists in English, Film and Media and Linguistics, despite several degrees in history. Farah Mendlesohn won the Hugo in 2005 and with her co-editor Edward James. Currently she is serving as Director of Exhibits for Loncon 3, the 2014 Worldcon.

Jacob McCollum (former Assistant Webmaster)
Jacob is the local rampant. His motivation for driving to high school through the industrial smog every morning is the knowledge that he will one day leave Virginia. He writes short stories and poems sometimes, but so far he has proven to lack the long-term resolve to write a novel like he's wanted to. Maybe the notes of ideas stored in his cell phone will one day become too numerous not to put into writing.

Belle McQuattie (former Columns Editor)
Belle McQuattie is a reviewer, Aurealis Awards judge, Continuum Convention committee member. She has been chomping on spec fic since before she could read, occasionally to the disappointment of the next person to pick the book up. Belle can be found sporadically blogging at or on Twitter @theresaninkspot.

Jenna Medaris (former Art Editor)
Jenna is a writer and a nomad trying to learn to stay put. At press time, she lived in Atlanta, Georgia. Let's hope this is still true.

Lisa Megraw (former Copy Editor)

Karen Meisner (former Fiction Editor and Associate Editor)
Karen recently left California and moved into a big old house in Wisconsin, where she is writing a novel set in San Francisco. She has a colorful past and enjoys a fairly peaceful present. She is excited about the future.

Sean Miller (former Webmaster)
Sean is currently in Cambridge, England, working at the Fitzwilliam Museum, which seemed the sensible thing to do after getting a doctorate in Anglo-Saxon history. He is accumulating computer qualifications as quickly as possible and hopes to return to Canada (where he grew up) next year.

Mary Anne Mohanraj (former Workshop Coordinator and Editor-in-Chief)
Mary Anne Mohanraj is a graduate of Clarion West '97, and is currently a doctoral student in Fiction and Literature at the University of Utah. She is the author of Torn Shapes of Desire, editor of Aqua Erotica and Wet, and consulting editor for Herotica 7. Mohanraj founded the webzine Clean Sheets and has been published in a multitude of anthologies and magazines. In 2001 she received the Scowcroft Prize for Fiction and a Neff fellowship; in 2002 she received a Steffenson-Canon fellowship. Mohanraj currently serves on the 2002 Tiptree Award and the 2002 Independent E-book Award juries.

Cody Mooneyhan (former Development Editor)
Cody Mooneyhan is a full-time writer/editor for a public relations and communications firm in Washington, DC. His professional writing experience has included, among other materials, technical reports, proposals, fact sheets, media materials, brochures, Web and interactive media copy, radio scripts, and even an informative comic book. Before his current position, he worked for several national nonprofit organizations as a managing editor/writer, writer, and editorial assistant. He earned a bachelors degree from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Coral Moore (former First Reader)
Coral writes character-driven fiction, mostly of the speculative variety. She loves aquariums, rides a motorcycle, and thinks there is little better than a good cup of coffee. She lives in the woods of Washington state with the love of her life and two dogs who don't get along. Her online residence is

Tim Moore (former Senior Webmaster, former Reviews Contact Manager - US)
Tim Moore lives in northern Maine. He is a: fantasy and science fiction author; freelance writer and editor; tech geek; and stay-at-home father. You can find him online at Dreaming of the Things In Between or on Twitter.

Debbie Moorhouse (former Articles Editor)
Debbie Moorhouse is a British writer who is also Submissions Manager at NFG magazine. She has a husband and a cat and suspects there's nothing else to wish for.

Keith Morrill (former Copy Editor)
Keith Morrill is part editor, part writer, part educator, and mostly biodegradable. He lives, works, and thinks in Vermont. Online, he exists at and tweets by the alias @morrillquandary.

Heather Morris (former First Reader)

Stephanie Morris (former First Reader)
Stephanie Morris is a professional fangirl by day and the lone library assistant staffing a college circulation desk at night. She has narrated short stories for PseudoPod, PodCastle, EscapePod, Cast of Wonders, and StarShipSofa, guest-blogged on subjects ranging from book recommendations to zombie turkeys, and performed Shakespeare in a handful of weird churches. Until she suppresses her inner perfectionist enough to create a website, you can find her on Twitter at @smaliamorris.

Drew Morse (former Poetry Editor)
Drew Morse is a graduate of Stanford University and the University of Oregon. A former professor of English Literature and the past editor of The Rhysling Anthology from 2003-2009, he is now a bookseller, firefighter, independent scholar, photographer, and a father.

Allison Mulder (former First Reader)
Allison Mulder grew up in the Midwest and online, writing fantasy, science fiction, and (often by accident) horror. She terrified several neighbors with her first pro sale, a creepy tooth fairy story published in Crossed Genres Magazine. She also has fiction forthcoming in Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show. With patience, sensitive equipment, and a fully-stocked backpack of granola bars, you can sometimes glimpse her at Or, track her far more easily on Twitter at @AMulderWrites, where she broadcasts any significant life happenings, gushes over her current fictional obsessions, and uses far too many X-Files gifs.

Chaitanya Murali (former First Reader)
In another lifetime, Chaitanya Murali was an associate at a law firm in India. Now, he is an SFF writer and editor, courtesy of Emerson College. When he isn’t at his day job, he can be found around Mumbai—either writing, playing Pokemon Go, or engaging in the improv comedy that is Dungeons and Dragons. He is also an editor for Mithila Review, and his writing has appeared in Football Paradise.

Gabriel Murray (former First Reader)
Gabriel Murray is a West Coast native who lives and works in Queens, NY. When not reviewing books and interactive fiction, he juggles a three-cat household and looks for half-off theater tickets. He's currently going through a Mary Renault phase and otherwise likes browser games, visual novels, and bubble tea.

David Nagdeman (former Senior Articles Editor)
David is a Chicagoan who is trying Fate in the Mountain West region. He tends, tragically, to live life through mismatched literary tropes. He has degrees in Religious Studies (B.A.) and Divinity (M.A.). If you ask what this means, he'll probably mumble something about theology, or the meaning of life, or Origen of Alexandria. This conversation is not likely to end well. It would be much more fruitful to engage him in a discussion about books, music, film, or well scripted television. Motifs of science fiction and historical fiction are generally favored.

Emily Natsios (former Copy Editor)
After many years of adventures in retail bookselling, Emily now works for a scholarly book publisher in Maryland. This is a good outlet for her red pen, as it is rather frowned on to make corrections in bookstore merchandise. She also loves fencing and hiking, which make her sound very athletic, when really, she's a big nerd and loves nothing better than curling up and burying her nose in a good book, preferably sci-fi/fantasy. She hates writing about herself in the third person.

Katherine Nehring (former First Reader)
Katherine Nehring lives in Brooklyn and studies in Manhattan. She writes and travels, occasionally both at the same time. Both she and her cats appreciate the fiber arts, though from very different perspectives.

Carrie Neill (former First Reader)

Aubrey Newson (former Proofreader)
Aubrey Newson lives in Florida with her partners, her dogs, and an excessive number of cats. She enjoys ancient history, outer space, convincing neighborhood children she's a witch, and tabletop roleplaying.

Emory Noakes (former First Reader)
Emory Noakes is a queer Cleveland-born writer currently living in Columbus, Ohio. With a few miscellaneous degrees under her belt, she now scoops gourmet ice cream for a living. When not writing, you can find her trying to keep her plants alive and daydreaming about giant alien robots. Find her blogging about books at or on Twitter @emorynoakes.

Phoebe North (former Articles Editor)
Phoebe North has an MFA in poetry from the University of Florida. She lives in New York State with her husband and her cat, who just might be the most intelligent being in her household. Her first novel, Starglass, is forthcoming from Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers in July of 2013. She can be found online at and

Kyle Niedzwiecki (former Senior Articles Editor)
A Bostonian expatriate IT professional living in Indiana, Kyle continues to fight a life-long war with his obsessive side. He lost a significant battle in this war by accepting an editorship with Strange Horizons, but he seems pretty chipper about it. Kyle is also a news junkie, gamer, and some-time runner in his copious, if illusory, free time.

Abigail Nussbaum (former Senior Reviews Editor)

Abigail Nussbaum works as a software engineer in Tel Aviv, Israel. She has written for The Internet Review of Science Fiction, Vector, and the Israeli SFF quarterly The Tenth Dimension. She blogs on matters genre and otherwise at Asking the Wrong Questions.

Ekpeki Oghenechovwe (former First Reader)
Ekpeki Oghenechovwe is a writer of colour who studied law at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. His short story "The Witching Hour" was published in Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores and made the Tangent Online recommended reading list with two stars and he was longlisted for the 2019 Nommos Award for African speculative fiction organised by the African Speculative Fiction Society. His novelette titled The Diary of The Dark Child also won the honourable mention award for the second quarter of the Writers of the Future contest 2018. He was winner of the Imbube creative writing contest 2017. Some of his other works have appeared in Dwart online and African Writer. He was longlisted for the Nigerian Students Poetry Prize 2017. His poems were published in the Poets In Nigeria (PIN) annual journal 2017. His poem was also published by NAPTIP, National Agency for Probibition of Trafficking In Persons in an anthology to create awareness on the issue. He also happens to be a member of the African Speculative Fiction Society, Codex, and the SFWA.

Beth Oing (former Bookstore Editor)
Beth Oing is currently working towards getting her teaching credential in English & Drama so she can influence and enrich the lives of young readers everywhere. One of her goals in teaching is to introduce at least one project involving speculative fiction in every class she teaches, and hopefully get a class solely dedicated to Speculative Fiction started at whatever school(s) she ends up at. But she has been reading since the ripe old age of four and has never been found more than 5 feet from a book since. Other than reading, she writes poetry and fanfiction, sketches, and runs a small freelance web design business, trying to scrape together a living in the Bay Area until the government stops cutting education funds. But all work and no play makes anyone cranky, so Beth spends a fair amount of time socializing at clubs and parties, dancing until her feet revolt. Anything for the pursuit of pleasure, carpe noctum.

Dawn Olmo (former Development Coordinator)
Dawn Olmo is currently attending Eastern Washington University in pursuit of a bachelor's degree in Creative Writing. Afterwards, she plans on earning a Master's in Technical Writing. She is the mother of four girls and has been the wife of a wonderful man for nearly 15 years. She is an editorial assistant for Willow Springs, and a poetry editor for Northwest Boulevard. She has been published on, in Legends 2005 and 2006, and in Black Moon Magazine. None of her writing is forthcoming because she has been exceedingly lazy since the birth of her second daughter.

Simon Owens (former Development / PR Editor)
This summer he won the Emily Dickinson Poetry Award ($150 and publication in an anthology) for fifteen of his poems with commentary. He has had several of his short stories in small publications and he continues to submit (so far in vain!) to professional markets. He is the editor of the magazine SF Paradox which will be publishing such rising authors as Jonny Duffy and Ken Rand. He is also the editor of the upcoming anthology SF Rising, a book that will be packed with goodies with awesome writers like Brian A. Hopkins (if you read the next issue of Cemetery Dance, you'll see an interview with this nice young fellow along with one of his stories) and Daniel Pearlman, and several other SFWA members. He's majoring in English with Writing Concentration at Shippensburg University (the same college that graduated the prolific Dean Koontz.) He has had several articles published in the newspaper, The Devil's
, and also had an editorial written about Daniel Pearl published in The Daily Local.

An Owomoyela (Senior Fiction Editor)
An (pronounce it "On") is a neutrois author with a background in web development, linguistics, and weaving chain maille out of stainless steel fencing wire, whose fiction has appeared in venues including Clarkesworld, Asimov's, Lightspeed, and a handful of Year's Bests. An's interests range from pulsars and Cepheid variables to gender studies and nonstandard pronouns, with a plethora of stops in-between. Se graduated from the Clarion West Writers Workshop in 2008 and attended the Launchpad Astronomy Workshop in 2011, and is in a constant state of learning and revising ser understanding of the world.

David Palmer (former First Reader)
David Palmer is an architect and part-time hops grower in Richmond, Virginia. Originally from Texas, he attended school in Chicago and, after mastering Spanish, he plans to abscond to Barcelona with his wife and cat.

Sarah Palmero (former Bookstore Editor)

Nate Parkes (former First Reader)

Harry Pauff (former First Reader)
Harry Pauff lives in Maryland with his wife and cats. When he's not writing, he's reading, walking, or playing basketball.

Catherine Pellegrino (former Articles Editor)
Catherine Pellegrino is currently a graduate student in library science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Eloise Phipps (Proofreader)
Eloise Phipps is from the UK, lives in Mexico, and spends most of her time in imaginary places. She likes trees and magic, believes in humans, despairs a lot, and buys too many books. She funds the latter as a freelance writer and editor on science, agriculture, and human development. Find her lurking at @hellowheeze.

Vanessa Rose Phin (former Editor in Chief)
Ness is a queer Baltimorean with a gaming habit and a fondness for green things. Work hats include developmental editing, calligraphy, writing, learning design, and community management (that history degree was extremely useful). Ve started as an articles editor at Strange Horizons in 2012, and is constantly surprised about the number of fencers on the team.

Allysha Pillay (former Proofreader)
Allysha Pillay is a South African writer and reader of fantasy. She can be found at @teacup_magic where she tweets her favourite music and artwork.

Will Quale (former Managing Editor & Webmaster)
Will is in a maze of twisty passages, all alike. He is likely to be eaten by a Grue. No, wait, he just got lost in the library stacks again. Never mind.

Fatima Raja (former Articles Editor)
Fatima is a senior majoring in Folklore and Mythology at Harvard. She doesn't know what she's going to do with it either.

Kathryn Rantala (former Poetry Editor)
Kathryn at one time had the record number of nominations for the Rhysling Award of the Science Fiction Poetry Assn. but has lately become preoccupied with editing the Seattle journal Snow Monkey. Her work appears in the anthologies POLY, Burning With a Vision, and others; online at Dark Planet and Painted Bride Quarterly; and in both "mainstream" and genre presses such as Star*line, The Magazine of Speculative Poetry, Cthulhu Calls, Terminal Velocities, and many others. Her recent book, Missing Pieces, from Lee Ballentine's Ocean View Press, strikes a blow for "genre presses" in general, specifically for the very small genre of forensic poetry, dealing as it does with death, what some consider the real final frontier.

Wolf Read (former Gallery Editor)
Wolf loves the rain, and he happily watches the gray, dreary winter months from his Beaverton, OR, home—or, when the storms are at their worst, from outside, getting pelted. Wolf and his wife, Silven, raise ferrets. They are owned by five: Jaxom, Kasumi, Nabiki, Piemur and Ripley. There are also two fosters living with them: Oscar and Samantha. Wolf volunteers at the Oregon Ferret Shelter (OFS) in Oregon City, and the Pacific Ferret Shelter Network (PSFN). He writes, edits, illustrates and prints the PSFN Newsletter, and maintains the OFS Website. He also builds Websites for ferret breeders. Aside from all the ferret goings-on, Wolf writes and illustrates science fiction and fact. He has regularly sold stories to Analog, along with the occasional article, and he has seen a few stories appear in some semi-prozines. He's sold illustrations, including covers, to Analog, Asimov's, Talebones, and TransVersions.

Jennifer Regehr (former First Reader)
Jennifer lives in Kitchener, Ontario. Outside of work she can usually be found reading (and having opinions). She also enjoys singing, spending time outdoors, and learning new things.

Endria Richardson (former First Reader)
Endria Richardson is a Black and Malay queer writer and climber. Endria's writings on climbing, whiteness, ghosts, sisters, mothers, blackness, and queerness can be found in Syntax & Salt Magazine, Anathema Magazine, and Lonely Together, a qpoc climbing zine Endria co-created. Endria lives in Oakland, CA but hails from Worcester, MA.

T. Rios (former First Reader)
T. Rios is a writer, pacifist, and public-transit enthusiast. In the eighth grade, she tried to lead an uprising against her math teacher. It didn't end well. She has an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and can be found on Twitter at @InSetsofThree.

Karissa B. Sluss (former First Reader)
Karissa lives with her family in North Carolina. If you ever lose her, she's probably buried under the avalanche of books she has bought but has not yet found time to read. Her short fiction has appeared in Daily Science Fiction, Every Day Fiction, and Luna Station Quarterly, and her urban fantasy novel will be available in the summer of 2015. You can find her online at and on twitter @karissalaurel.

Alex Stanmyer (former First Reader)
Alex grew up in a small Massachusetts town that might as well have been Derry, ME. Now he lives outside of Boston and teaches middle school English by day and writes by night. He spends his summers helping his wife with her archaeological research in Greece. Whenever he can, Alex enjoys drinking local beer, hiking the New England wilderness, and playing overly complicated board games. He tweets at @StannyLeroy.

Jessie Stickgold-Sarah (Development)

Julia Rios (former Fiction Editor)

Julia Rios is a writer, editor, podcaster, and narrator. She promotes QUILTBAG speculative fiction with The Outer Alliance (in part by hosting the Outer Alliance Podcast), is the staff interviewer for Stone Telliing: The Magazine of Boundary-crossing Poetry, and occasionally reads stories for places like PodCastle and Pseudopod. Julia is half Mexican, but her (fairly dreadful) French is better than her Spanish. She loves cats and colorful things, and expresses the latter by dyeing her hair bright colors and messing about with papercrafts.

Eli Rose (former First Reader)

Jacob Rosenberg (former Articles Editor)
Jacob is a Manhattanite-at-heart whose recent transplantation to the Washington, D.C. area has caused him to question the necessity of nature itself. While sequestered indoors, he runs a few web sites, reads a few books, and cheerily edits others works to avoid the question of whether obtaining a quasi-engineering degree at a liberal arts school may have left his creative impulses permanently befuddled.

Mark Rudolph (former Senior Poetry Editor)
Mark is a 2000 graduate of the Clarion Writers' Workshop and the past editor of the now-defunct print magazine Full Unit Hookup. His work has appeared in Byline Magazine, Chi-Zine, Louisville Review, Magazine of Speculative Poetry, Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, FlyTrap!, and many other places. He lives in southern Indiana.

Olivia Sailor (former First Reader)
Olivia takes great pleasure in the small garden on her windowsill and the plastic dinosaurs that travel around her apartment. When she's not trying to befriend other people's pets, she's wondering when she can get back to her book or take a nap. Olivia lives in Louisville, Kentucky and revels in its geographic identity crisis. She has a tremendous weak spot for people who make her laugh and blueberries.

DaVaun Sanders (former First Reader)
DaVaun Sanders currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife, toddler twins, and a turtle named Slickback. When he's not working on his World Breach series or sneaking away for a nap, you can catch him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Kristin Knaus Satterlee (former Copy Editor)

Mckayla Schneider (former First Reader)
Mckayla is a student and writer living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She has a strong passion for speculative fiction and an even stronger addiction to tea. You can find her on Twitter @MckaylaCS

Sam Schreiber (former First Reader)
Sam Schreiber's work has appeared in such markets as PodCastle, the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine, Journey Into... and the Pendragon Variety Literary Magazine. He lives in in Brooklyn, where he is a co-host and editor of the podcast Kaleidocast and teaches Science Fiction and Fantasy at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University.

Paul Schumacher (former Copy Editor)
Paul is the oldest of four brothers, and has degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics from the University of Chicago; he is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Mathematics at Texas A&M University. Paul has been an avid reader since he was young, devouring everything he can get his hands on, as well as being a hardcore gamer.

Heather Shaw (former Bookstore Manager)
Heather is a transplanted Midwesterner now living in the Bay Area and loving it. She has published short fiction and has a semi-regular how-to column at Clean Sheets. Her ongoing goals are to write and publish fiction, maintain her online journal, and read, read, read.

Kaia Sievert (former Proofreader)
Kaia Sievert hails from Minneapolis, MN. When not reading, she enjoys running, trying new recipes, and traveling when she can afford it. She currently works with e-learning in higher ed, and her background is in library science and global studies.

Lyndsey Silveira (former First Reader)
Lyndsey Silveira is a college student, finishing up her studies in history and English literature. She started out writing stories about Pokémon and talking animals (with charmingly ugly marker illustrations). She spends her free time writing, reading, knitting, casually hunting for cryptids, and keeping her eyes on the night sky.

Shelly Simon (former Assistant Webmaster)
Shelly lives in a place that snows an excessive amount of the year. She has an eclectic assortment of interests that include, but are not limited to: typography, good tea, feminism, cryptozoology, & b-movies.

Lucy A. Snyder (former Consulting Editor)
Lucy A. Snyder's fiction has appeared in publications such as Midnight Zoo, Snow Monkey, Clean Sheets, Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, and in a variety of anthologies: Bedtime Stories to Darken Your Dreams (IFD Publishing), Civil War Fantastic (DAW), Guardian Angels (Cumberland House), and The Midnighters' Club.

Rena Saimoto (former Webmaster)
Rena lives on the western end of a blue state so surrounded by red states it looks purple. She lives with two crazy hellhounds the rescue people claimed were Boxers, and a long-suffering partner. She hopes to one day have a job poking people and animals with needles in the name of "Research," but will also settle for poking people or animals with needles in the name of "Medical Treatment." Until that far-away day arrives, she spends her time trying to learn mutiple disparate things at the same time and collecting books she intends to read "someday real soon." Outside of school, Rena can be found working at IROSF, Ravenna Press, the local bookstore, the local Humane Society, the local botanical conservatory, the local organic CSA, the local cooking school, and the local EMS service and/or hospital, all of which she is listing not to brag, but to keep track of why she gets so sleepy in the evenings.

Mithran Somasundrum (former Copy Editor)
Mithran grew up in London. In 1994 he moved to Bangkok, and then after four years, tiring of the pollution, shifted to Fukui, a small, quiet town in Japan. He lectures in physical chemistry, writes so far unpublished fiction, and still can't read kanji.

Lisa Mira Spitalewitz (former Assistant Webmaster)

Carlie St. George (former First Reader)
Carlie St. George is a speculative writer and professional night owl, and she takes far too much pleasure in alarming any and all visitors with the sheer number of strange rubber duckies she owns. When she's not reading or writing fiction, she's working on snarky movie and television commentaries at her blog, My Geek Blasphemy.

Mariel Catherine Stratford (former First Reader)
Mariel Catherine lives in a swamp with her little black cat; she tweets about cute animals and the queer communist agenda @maricatmaricat.

Stephanie Stein (Copy Editor)

When not reading sci-fi or fantasy, which is sometimes, Stephanie can be found working on YA and middle-grade books at HarperCollins. She blogs at Crunchy Dragon, and enjoys video games, theater, and breakfast foods. Like a few million other people, she lives in New York.

Jon Stockdale (former First Reader)

Becca Striman (former First Reader)

Chip Sudderth (former Development / PR Editor)
Chip is a communications specialist and former public speaking instructor in Chapel Hill, NC. His Tonkinese cat has psychic powers.

Sonya Taaffe (former Senior Poetry Editor)
Sonya Taaffe's short fiction and poetry can be found in the collections Ghost Signs (Aqueduct Press), A Mayse-Bikhl (Papaveria Press), Postcards from the Province of Hyphens (Prime Books), and Singing Innocence and Experience (Prime Books), and in various anthologies including The Humanity of Monsters, Genius Loci: Tales of the Spirit of Place, and Dreams from the Witch House: Female Voices of Lovecraftian Horror. She holds master's degrees in Classics from Brandeis and Yale and once named a Kuiper belt object. She lives in Somerville with her husband and two cats.

Aïcha Martine Thiam (former First Reader)
Aïcha Martine Thiam is a cinephile, artist, poet, and musician from around the world, who goes where the waves take her. She is studying/has studied at the University of Montréal and Columbia College Chicago. Her writing has notably appeared in Hair Trigger, L’ARgot, Bright Wall/Dark Room, Medium and her own website, Maelstrom. You could find her at @Maelllstrom, but she's probably away in the TARDIS at the moment.

Leah Thomas (former First Reader)
Leah Thomas currently writes fiction from her earthquake-proof den of an apartment in Taipei, the city where she also teaches English as a Second Language. When not struggling to make unruly stories and/or children behave, she spends her time drawing comics, making costumes for cosplay shenanigans, rewatching Spaced for the gazillionth time, or engaging in other, equally geeky activities. She is a graduate of the Clarion Workshop, and her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Asimov's, Daily Science Fiction, Weird Fiction Review, and Futuredaze: An Anthology of YA Science Fiction.

Sheree R. Thomas (former Poetry Editor)
If she could, Sheree would eat blackened catfish and green apple Jolly Ranchers every blessed day. She can't, so she collects cat-eye marbles and metal jacks with swirly, bouncy balls instead. With these mojos, she happily makes cool art with her hands and sometimes even stories and poems. A native of Memphis, Sheree attended Rhodes College, where she first read Octavia E. Butler's Kindred in a slavery and literature class. She later studied at New York University's Publishing program and the Frederick Douglass Creative Arts Center in Manhattan. With the support of phenomenal women mentors in publishing, Thomas edited fiction, copyedited manuscripts, and wrote jacket copy at Random House, an invaluable experience that helped her hone her skills and reimagine her creative vision. Her anthology Dark Matter: A Century of Speculative Fiction from the African Diaspora (Warner Aspect) was named a New York Times Notable Book of the Year and winner of the 2001 World Fantasy Award.
Dark Matter: Reading the Bones was also honored with the 2005 World Fantasy Award. A 1999 Clarion West Writers' Workshop alum, Sheree has been awarded fiction and poetry fellowships from the Cave Canem Foundation, Ledig House, the New York Science Fiction Society/the Lunarians, and the New York Foundation for the Arts. Her work has appeared in many anthologies and publications. Look for her stories and poems in Shotgun Lullabies, her first chapbook (watch out now, she's doing her happy dance!) forthcoming January 2011 from Aqueduct Press.

Erin Thorsby (former First Reader)

Luke Tolvaj (former First Reader)
Luke Tolvaj is a Hungarian-American speculative fiction writer who enjoys critiquing the media he consumes. He writes fiction that centers queer trans people and explores deconstructing toxic masculinity. You can find him blogging at or on twitter @LukeTolvaj.

Gretchen Treu (former First Reader)

JoSelle Vanderhooft (former Articles Editor)

Steve Villiers (former Articles Editor)

Lalith Vipulananthan (Webmaster)
Originally from London, Lalith now works in Tokyo where he struggles to get to grips with both casual and formal Japanese, sorting rubbish for disposal and restaurant menus.

Lydia Waldman (former First Reader)

Kristin Waller (former Development)

Feiya Wang (former First Reader)
Loves to volunteer and put her energies into projects that help others, whether it be a friend’s career, side projects, or whatever else needs help. Based in Seattle. A list of projects can be found at

Peggi Warner-Lalonde (former Music Editor)
Peggi is the editor a Filkzine entitled Filking from C to C as well, as being the executive producer of USB Studios, the only Canadian producer of Filk CDs. She's also an amateur musician (singer, and permanent guitar student).

Don Wasylyk (former Senior Reviews Editor)
Don is the Interactive Projects Director for a small pharmaceutical marketing firm, as well as a perpetual CSE student at the Pennsylvania State University in State College, PA. He is an avid reader and aspiring writer of several genres, and contributes to Strange Horizons with a strong belief that this site—and the web as a whole—will continue to develop as a respected medium of publication for professional, quality authors seeking exposure. He's also pretty keen on computer games, home theatre, college football, and those occasional nights out on the town with his friends and co-workers.

Barbara Webb (former Bookstore Manager)

Robyn Webb (former First Reader)
Robyn Webb spends her days surrounded by books, whether working as a freelance proofreader, as a comics retailer or making her way through her never-ending to-read pile. Currently without animals of her own, Robyn makes up for it by doting on everyone else’s pets and being a bad plant mother.

Joanna Z. Weston (former First Reader)
Joanna Z. Weston lives outside Boston, where she writes, reads, and reviews fantasy and science fiction stories. When not engaged with the written word, she knits socks, goes for long walks in her local cemetery, and gazes at the moon. You can find her on Twitter at @jzweston, and she sometimes remembers to blog at

Lis Wheeler (former First Reader)
Lis lives in Boston, where she chases mail carriers for a living and chases her toddler for fun. In her occasional free time, she reads books about infrastructure and bureaucracy and writes as Valentine Wheeler. Her tweets can be found at @ghostalservice.

Dianne Williams (former First Reader)
Dianne Williams lives with her cat in Lawrence, Kansas. She has a degree in Classical Antiquity from the University of Kansas, which turned out to be less useful than she'd imagined in her twenties. She works at a desk by day and dreams up bizarre aliens and cozy monsters at night.

Pär Winzell (former Senior Webmaster)

Matt Withers (former Development / PR)

JY Yang (former First Reader)
JY Yang is a lapsed scientist, recovering journalist and short story writer who lives in Singapore with an indeterminate number of succulent plants named Lars. Queer, Chinese, she/her pronouns, can be found sometimes on Twitter at @halleluyang grumbling about Scandinavian languages and occasionally at talking about short SFF fiction.

Leah Zander (former First Reader)
Leah Lee Zander was recently evicted from college on the charge of having fulfilled her graduation requirements. She is currently applying to graduate school with the hope of sneaking back into academia. Leah is a reader, writer, and rabid enthusiast of the fantastic. During high school she began a fantasy discussion group at her local library, and in the same spirit of pioneering masochism she went on to co-found Tea & Fantasy, Bennington College's first speculative literature club-cum-tea orgy. Leah has enjoyed internships at Random House and Small Beer press, and she presented an essay at ICFA 2012. You'll probably see Leah at New England genre conventions, where she is recognizable by her red hair, big glasses, and bewildered expression.