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Sometimes the final week goes so fast that we can't keep up. Especially when my day-job takes me on a day-trip to Paris ... but I digress. What I mean to say is: we have not one but two more tiers of bonus content unlocked for you to enjoy!

At $11,500, we published Jenn Grunigen's story, "The Troll Who Hid Her Heart" which, well, read it and see:

When the cutterhead mountain-eaters tunneled beneath Dovrefjell, g-ma moved us to North America. I was six. We left because of the trolls, she said. Urban development killed all the real ones, and while the stripworlds had plenty of virtual replacements, the rules of VR were too tight in Norway. A Norwegian stripworld troll couldn't kill you, which in g-ma's mind meant it wasn't a troll at all. But here in Pacifica, our final destination, code was just another thread in the fabric of reality. She liked that the stripworlds and the real world were just the world.

And because that wasn't enough (or more accurately, because you've all been tremendously generous this week), we have just now passed $13,000, which unlocks podcasts for the two fund drive stories published so far:

Both of those are read, as usual, by Anaea Lay.  And last but not least we also have a podcast for all of our fund drive poetry—that's poems by Ada Hoffmann, Shweta Narayan, Margaret Wack, and Karin Lowachee—read by Ciro Faienza and Romie Stott.

All of this leaves us with just one more bonus content goal: to find another 11 patrons, at which point we'll publish Teresa P. Mira de Echeverría's story "Terpsichore" (and its podcast). Could we get there before the weekend? Here's hoping. And here's the Patreon link, in case you want it.

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