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Well, we hit our third stretch goal, and then some.

The final total in this year's fund drive is $20,330!

We're all absolutely floored by this. We thought $18,000 was going to be a tough goal -- the highest we've gone for, without (at the base goal) offering anything extra, just compensating for the loss of a one-year grant -- but not only was the outcome never really in doubt, but you've taken us way past what we aimed for. So from 1 January 2016, poetry pay is going up tot $40, columns is going to $50, and articles is going to $80! Not only that, but there's a little bit extra left for the fiction budget -- and special projects.

I should emphasize that this is a slightly different number to previous years, because it's not all a lump sum sitting in our account -- a big (big) chunk of it is the money implied by the current level of support at Patreon. So that's a new thing. But there's a pessimism factor in how we've calculated that support, so if anything for the year as a whole we might end up slightly above this number. If we do, that obviously makes life easier for next year's fund drive...

But let's not think about next year. We have to say thank you: to all the contributors who trusted us to include their content in our fund drive special, to everyone who donated a prize to our prize draw, to everyone who's tweeted, blogged, or otherwise promoted the fund drive, and to everyone who has donated this year. (It's not just our highest total, it's the most donors we've ever had.) Thank you! We will put out the best magazine we can next year.

What happens next? The 15th anniversary ebook will be out in a day or two -- we're just putting the finishing touches to it at the moment. The prize draw will be starting up: we email people in small batches to give them a chance to pick from the list, so it will take a few weeks to complete, but keep an eye on your email in the meantime. And there will be a new issue next Monday, of course.

And there's this, a full-up fund drive rocket:

One last time: thank you!

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