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Hello there! It's that time of year again—Hugo nominations close on March 13, so we’re popping in to share our eligible work from 2019. We're now well into our 20th year of publishing vibrant speculative, slipstream, and SF/F work, and we’d love to celebrate in style!


Our wondrous Senior Fiction Editors, Vajra Chandrasekera, Lila Garrott, and Catherine Krahe, are eligible for Best Editor - Short Form, and Strange Horizons itself is eligible for Best Semiprozine.

Check out the full list of our 2019 short stories here, eligible for the Best Short Story category. 

And our eligible nonfiction contributors and their pieces are listed here for your consideration for the Best Fan Writer and Best Related Work categories.


If you’ve enjoyed the work we’ve done over the past year (and are an eligible member of the 2019 and 2020 Worldcons), consider nominating any of your favorites in SFF for this year’s awards! 

We wish everyone the best of luck, and happy reading!

Becca is a second-year grad student studying writing, rhetoric, and technical communication at a university in Virginia, and is interning with Strange Horizons for Spring 2020. She enjoys talking comics, cats, queer fiction, and tea. When not hanging out at the local comic book shop, she’s reading a book or working on her latest cross stitch. Find her on Twitter at @beccae96.
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8 Aug 2022

my uncle walks around with amulets tied to his waist
Cia transits between you: a moon the size of home, a tiny hole in Shapa’s swirls.
Foxglove was called Foxglove not because of the flower, but because she could slip into the skin of a fox like a hand into a glove.
Friday: Garden of Earthly Bodies by Sally Oliver 
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