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We actually hit this milestone yesterday, but I'm only getting a chance to blog it now: we've passed $3,000 and unlocked our next bonus content, Arkady Martine's wonderful poem "Cloud Wall"! Here's how it starts:

The city does not love you as you wanted to be loved.

Don't be surprised.

These ways are inhuman ways:

no midnight phone calls,

no possessive hand curved on your waist

when you stood on the pier

and took the sea-wind full in the throat.

Nothing of the city is only and ever yours.

Read the whole poem here.

Next up in our fund drive issue is a new story by Alex Dally MacFarlane (plus podcast), "Because I Prayed This Word." We're at $3,263 now, and the story will be unlocked at $4,500. Thanks to everyone who's donated so far, and if you've been meaning to get round to it, here's the link to donate.

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