Fantastic news, readers! We've just hit our first fundraising milestone at $3,000! In thanks, we've published the first piece from our fund drive special issue, "The Fortunate Death of Jonathan Sandelson," a novelette by Margaret Killjoy.

When we hit our next milestone at $5,000, we'll publish an essay by Darcie Little Badger entitled, "Guns. How Primitive." If that sounds like something you want to read (we certainly want to), please post about the fund raiser on your social media platform of choice! Word of mouth is the best way for us gain support, and nothing brightens our day like reading testimonials by our readers and contributors.

Thank you for supporting us this far. If you haven't yet, please do donate to our Kickstarter! Your donations are what keep us going.

Onward to $13,000!

-Kate, Jane, and Vanessa

Kate is a narrative designer and writer of speculative fiction. Though she lives in Southern California, her true home is on the internet. She can found on Twitter as @keightdee or at
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