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This week sees round whatever of this debate, occasioned by the opening of nominations for this year's Hugo Awards. I lean more towards the side of reticence about this sort of thing, for reasons that are probably easily explained, but I can justify doing at least this much, because the information isn't immediately transparent:

We published just the one new novelette last year, "In Joy, Knowing the Abyss Behind" by Sarah Pinsker. All our other original fiction was (so far as the definitions used by most SF awards are concerned) short stories.

The following authors we published last year gained eligibility for the John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer as a result (i.e. we were their first professional sale). If you liked their stories here, and are eligible to nominate, do seek out other work by them and consider them for this award.

In addition, the following writers we published last year were already Campbell-eligible:

You can find more Campbell-eligible writers listed here, some of whom haven't even sold stories to SH. A lot of people are recommending Benjanun Sriduankaew for a nomination, for instance, and they're not wrong to do so.

Also, so far as general short fiction nominations go, I'm still putting my ballot together, but I'd recommend all of the following for consideration:

  • Novella

  • Novelette

  • Short story

    • "We're All Gonna Have the Blues" by Rodge Glass (in Beacons ed. Gregory Norminton)
    • "Droplet" by Rahul Kanakia (in We See a Different Frontier eds. Fabio Fernandes and Djibril al-Ayad)
    • "Vector" by Benjanun Sriduankaew (in We See a Different Frontier eds. Fabio Fernandes and Djibril al-Ayad)
    • "Saga's Children" by EJ Swift (in The Lowest Heaven eds. Anne C. Perry and Jared Shurin)

(EJ Swift would be a good Campbell pick, too.)

Niall Harrison is a reader and fan.
5 comments on “Awards Eligibility”

Thank you for this!
One small correction: I wasn't eligible for a Campbell before y'all picked up "Inventory!" It was my first professional sale.

Sorry about that! I've switched you to the correct list.

Yukimi Ogawa

And I believe I wasn't Campbell-eligible last year, either? (Not entirely sure about the rules.) "Town's End" was my first pro-sale.

The eligibility criteria are here -- it doesn't have to be an SFWA-pro sale per se, it has to be at least 3c/word and a total payment of at least $50. Happy to move you to the other list if appropriate!

Yukimi Ogawa

Thank you.
(I sawa some people say "SFWA pro only" and couldn't be sure...)
I still think this is my first year of eligibility. Thanks for doing this!


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