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Yesterday's Clarke Award shortlist announcement seems to have generally been greeted with a hearty "hmm." Ian Sales was expecting a more literary shortlist, and detects a slight old-fashionedness about the nominees; Martin Wisse seems to be of similar mind. James Nicoll is composing mocking posts in the event that Bear, Rogers or Tepper win. Jared at Pornokitsch is baffled by the inclusion of The Waters Rising in particular, although Nicholas Whyte didn't think it was that bad. Justin at Staffer's Book Review gets into the genre question, and in the Guardian chair of judges Andrew M Butler claims the shortlist has "something for everyone".

Niall Harrison is a reader and fan.
2 comments on “Clarke Reactions”
Nick Hubble

Niall, i think you should acknowledge that Andrew is not in the same boat as the other commentators. As chair of the judges being interviewed by the Guardian, he doesn't have too many options for what he can say. I think his comments should be treated as a press release. I think he made a decent fist of an ... interesting, shall we say ... hand.

I thought that was covered by mentioning that he's the chair of judges, to be honest!

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