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This year's BSFA Award shortlists have been announced, and in the non-fiction category we're delighted to see that Erin Horáková's essay for us last year, "Boucher, Backbone, and Blake—the Legacy of Blakes 7" has been shortlisted. Thank you to all the BSFA members who voted for it!

Congratulations also to all the other nominees: and in particular, in the non-fiction category Geoff Ryman for his "100 African Writers of SF" project (in its incarnation—we're taking over and carrying the project forward starting later this month), and in the novel category former SH first reader Becky Chambers. BSFA members have until 12th April to vote, and the UK Eastercon membership can also vote at the convention.

Niall Harrison is a reader and fan.
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