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This week, we're teaming up with the Storyological podcast folks, E.G. Cosh and Chris Kammerund, to bring you a special issue.

In place of this week's normal podcast, we are cross-posting Storyological's issue discussing this week's issue to our feed, so look for that in your podcast delivery mechanism of choice. If you'd like to listen to the issue on the web, you can do that right here.

This issue features two reprints, "En El Último Reducto" in the original Spanish by Eduardo Goligorsky, along with "The Last Refuge", its English translation by Andrea Bell, and "Created He Them" Alice Eleanor Jones. "En El Último Reducto" was first published in A la sombra de los bárbaros by Eduardo Goligorsky (Ediciones Acervo, Barcelona, 1977). Its English translation, "The Last Refuge", was first published in Cosmos Latinos, ed. Andrea Bell and Yolanda Molina-Gavilán (2003). "Created He Them" was first published in the June 1955 issue of The Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

We've long been fans of the Storyological team's work. If you aren't familiar with their podcast, we hope you'll take a look.


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