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A brief but exciting update, this week: as you may recall, we recently advertised for two additional poetry editors, to join Sonya Taaffe and Adrienne J. Odasso. We received over thirty applications, of an incredibly high standard; which meant that once we got down to the final few candidates, choosing between them was very tough. But choose we eventually did, and so we're delighted to welcome Li Chua and M. J. Cunniff to the magazine!

Li Chua was born in Malaysia, but her family left for colder pastures in Canada at the age of two, where she remains to this day. She is fluent in both French and English, and hopes to master more. She loves words, food, wandering in glittering cities far from home, and books, more than what the shelf space at home can contain.

M. J. Cunniff is currently finishing a master's degree at UMass Boston; their research interests include poetics, feminist theory, and queer readings of the speculative. M. J. has a website, but can more regularly be found tweeting about gender, cocktails, and the MBTA at @finishmywords.

Thanks to everyone who applied for their patience with us; and i'm very much looking forward to seeing what Li and M. J. select for the magazine. (And if you've got a desire to join the team, don't forget we're still looking for a few good First Readers...)

Niall Harrison is Editor-in-Chief of Strange Horizons.
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16 Jan 2017

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