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This week's issue of Strange Horizons is a bit different. We do have original work for you—but throughout the week, we are also re-presenting a selection of stories, poems, and non-fiction from our archives. Their shared theme is resistance. Like all our issues, we hope that this week offers a sense of community, and that you may find some courage or inspiration in the stories and ideas it includes.

Obviously there is a proximate cause for this issue, but it is not an issue about that cause. It is about challenges to a just society that are long-term and global.

And it is, as much as anything, a reminder and a challenge to ourselves. This is a part of what Strange Horizons has been, and must continue to be. It is a critical part, in more than one sense: as it says in our guidelines, we aspire to be a part of a vibrant, radical, international and inclusive tradition of speculative fiction, and that means recognising and addressing the inadequacies of our politics, as well as celebrating their possibilities.

That is what we will be working on, in the months and years ahead. We hope you will join us.

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