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My, doesn't time fly when you've been having fun. Four weeks ago, we launched our 2012 fund drive, and—as you'll be able to tell from the countdown clock on the magazine front page—here we are in the final week already.

It's been a busy four weeks for us, certainly. We've raised just over $5,000 thanks to donations from almost 200 people, which means we've published most of the content lined up for our fund drive special issue. In case you missed it, the run-down so far includes Ken Liu's new story (he says it's the best thing he's written this year, and who are we to argue?) "Good Hunting", Mat Joiner's poem "All the Mari's Parties", and Daniel M. Kimmel's article, "Better Dead than Red: Politics and Genre."

We've seen a number of generous and often inspiring tributes to SH from contributors and readers, including Vandana Singh, Jenny Barber, Anaea Lay, and Nina Allan. The list of donor prizes has been growing and growing, with its final update today, and now includes anthologies of South Asian and Mexican SF, new novels by Angelica Gordischer, Alaya Dawn Johnson and Mary Robinette Kowal, art by Marge Simon and Alastair Reynolds, a tarot reading by Neal Szpatura, and much, much more. And some of our rewards have almost gone—indeed, the last of the Strange Horizons mugs have gone, although we still have some t-shirts left for those of you donating $30 this year.

And so now we need a last push. Our primary target this year is $8,000. That's the amount we need to publish another year's worth of the same magazine you've been reading in 2012, with the same amount of stories, reviews, articles, poems and columns. (We've got some great new columnists coming up, by the way.) So we need at least another $3,000 this week. If you've been meaning to donate and haven't gotten around to it, today should be the day! If you've already donated, anything you can do to spread the word, by blogging or tweeting or otherwise enthusing about the magazine, is greatly appreciated.

As an added incentive—on top of all the other reasons to donate—we're excited to announce the two remaining pieces of bonus content in our fund drive issue. At $6,000 we'll be publishing a new poem by Michele Bannister, "The Architect of Snow." And at $7,000 we've got "Household Management," a charming new story by Ellen Klages.

If we get past $8,000, then we'll start thinking about this year's stretch goals. As a reminder, we've said that we want to raise pay rates in the poetry and reviews departments, and if we get to $9,000 and $10,000, respectively, we'll do just that; and if we get to $11,000 then we'll be able to add weekly podcasts of SH stories, starting in 2013. We'd love to continue building up the magazine in this way—but of course, we need your help to do it. Thanks.

Niall Harrison is a reader and fan.
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