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Two bits of news of Strange Horizons staff elsewhere. First up, Articles Editor and sometime SH reviewer Phoebe North has kicked off a new blog today, The Intergalactic Academy, where she and Sean Wills will focus on YA science fiction. Here's the first post:

At the Intergalactic Academy, we agree with NASA. Science fiction matters! We hope you think so, too. We can’t wait to talk about books with you, from those with terrifying technology set in our own backyards to novels set on distant, alien worlds. Next week, we’ll kick things off with a discussion of post apocalyptic and dystopian fiction, a retrospective on the Animorphs series, and a review of Nick James’ The Pearl Wars. So stick around! Fall in love with the Future!

Meanwhile, Senior Articles Editor SJ Chambers' Steampunk Bible tour travels to Europe next week, with events in London next Tuesday, Lincoln next Friday and Saturday, and Paris on Friday 16 September. (I assume the gap between the Lincoln and Paris events is to allow time for a leisurely airship tour of the continent.)

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Thanks so much for the link, Niall!

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