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The latest Locus Roundtable discussion looks at the work of Greg Egan:

Paul Graham Raven: “Posthuman” implies a transcendence of humanity, certainly, but the whole point of the posthuman as a trope is to reimagine the familiar (namely ourselves) as having the potential to become the alien; it’s about immanence. If Egan’s posthumans were any more post-, they would stop being recognisably human and simply be aliens. The implied continuity between reader and character is the core rhetorical thrust of posthuman sf; as such, I’d suggest that to complain that Egan’s posthumans are recognisably human in origin is to misconceive his entire project.

See also previous discussion around these parts.

Niall Harrison is a reader and fan.
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15 Aug 2022

You turned and Hailé was hunched by the counter, holding the Rift in his bare stomach together with his hands.
Their eyes trace the curves of our gears / like birds eyeing the shoreline and we / recite the songs our makers wrote
During recess, we would fight all the time.
Wednesday: Braking Day by Adam Oyebanji 
Friday: Appliance by J. O. Morgan 
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