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Strange Horizons has had many faces since we began in 2000, and those faces are always changing. I often refer to us as the collective—or composite, Yoon Ha Lee style—which at any given time involves 50+ creative volunteers, committed to voices new, underrepresented, and global. Often those faces are invisible or nearly so, moving the wires of the magazine marionette readers can see. For us, they are faces of friends.

Here are the friends who have left or fallen out of contact in the last few years, and we thank them for their gifts, kindnesses, and dedication.

Editors-in-Chief: Jane Crowley, Kate Dollarhyde

Articles: Eli Lee, Belle McQuattie

Art: Tory Hoke

Copy Editors: Aubrey Newson, Will Scilacci, Kaia Sievert

Development: Rachel Monte

Fiction: An Owomoyela

First Readers: Cyd Athens, Zach Bartlett, Noah ben David, Rhiannon Bertaud-Gandar, Kena Chavva, Sarah Goldman, Amanda Helms, Paul Hintze, Felix Kent, Samuel Matz, Stephanie Malia Morris, Harry Pauff, Jennifer Regehr, DaVaun Sanders, Mckayla Schneider, Alex Stanmyer, Mariel Catherine Stratford, Aïcha Thiam, Feiya Wang, Lis Wheeler, Dianne Williams

Poetry: Li Chua, Sonya Taaffe

I am sad to note that Jane Crowley and Kate Dollarhyde are both leaving as editors-in-chief of Strange Horizons at this time, and we will all miss our wonderful management tag team, especially their patience and their humor. They wrote the following:

Friends and fellow readers, we come bearing bittersweet news: the time has come for us to move along. We're stepping down from our positions as editors-in-chief and passing the torch to Vanessa Rose Phin, who's served the magazine ably in several capacities during vees long tenure.

Strange Horizons has been a great source of joy and pride for us during our time on staff. This magazine does amazing things, and we have every confidence the team will keep on doing it without us at the helm. We’ll continue to read—and delight in—the work this team publishes and champion their successes in broadening the field of SFF.

Thank you all for your welcome, your support, and your generosity. It’s been a blast and an honor.

With love,
Kate and Jane

Ness is a queer Baltimorean with a gaming habit and a fondness for green things. At home, Ness works as a learning designer and developmental editor; at cons, ve is the damned morning person and extrovert your mother warned you about. Ve started as an articles editor at Strange Horizons in 2012, and loves interviewing people.
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