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We've added 5% to the fund drive total since this morning, which is brilliant -- but there's a long way to go yet. Here are some more people talking about the magazine.

  • Karen Burnham at the Locus Roundtable blog: "We all should support them, since they are consistently one of the best venues for genre fiction and non-fiction on the internet. Often we’re happy to support a Kickstarter campaign for something that could be new and cool–but might forget to support an established concern that is already awesome and cool."
  • David Kopaska-Merkel: "They've been publishing great stuff for years, & I hope you'll help me make sure that continues. You can always read the online archive gratis, including a couple of dozen of my best poems." Or you could pick this prize, donated by David.
  • Jason W Ellis, vice-president of the SFRA: "If you like their fiction, poetry, essays, and reviews, and can support the good work that Strange Horizons does, consider giving here"
  • Jay Lake: "They’ve always relied on crowdfunding to pay pro rates, and have become a leading market for both aspiring writers and established pros. Click on over drop ‘em a dime if you got one." Jay has also donated a prize -- be Tuckerized in his forthcoming space opera, Sunspin
  • And finally for now, Sarah Kanning on her first professional sale: "I sent the story (“Sex with Ghosts”) to them because it seemed a little edgy, a little odd, and it had some strong language in it–and I wanted to send it to a publication that seemed comfortable taking some risks. They accepted it and I got to work with Jed Hartman, a gimlet-eyed editor who caught several errors and textual infelicities, asked some very helpful questions and generally made a story I was proud of even stronger. They publish lots of great stories, and offer a wide range of well-written speculative fiction"

Niall Harrison is a reader and fan.
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