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This is close to being the highest-donation day of the fund drive so far -- just under $500 received -- so thank you! And here are some more people talking about us:

  • Mary Anne Mohanraj -- who is running her own Kickstarter right now: "it's a little amazing that something that started out with a few bright-eyed volunteers has turned into such a shining star in the speculative literature firmament. So if you can spare a few bucks to support terrific science fiction and fantasy, please stop by the fund drive and take a look."
  • Paul Graham Raven at Futurismic: "I hope you think Strange Horizons is awesome; I’ll say it again, they pay pro rates for quality genre fiction and poetry – some of it award-winning – that costs you nothing to read and doesn’t come accompanied by ugly ads or sponsorships."
  • Liz Argall: "If you have money to spare this is a great way to support inclusive, interesting, thought-provoking fiction, and plenty of swag looks more than a little tasty"
  • Maria Deira: "Years ago, when I first started submitting my stories, Strange Horizons was my dream publication. Two acceptances later (“The First Time We Met” and “Finisterre”), after getting to work with super talented editor Karen Meisner, it’s still my dream publication."
  • Ursula Pflug: "Mainstream readers might think speculative fiction is by definition forward thinking, but those of us active in the field know just how conservative genre can be. The folks at SH have bucked this hidebound trend from day one, and I love them for it. Go out for coffee less this week!"
  • Francesca Forrest: "If you have the wherewithal, and if you enjoy the occasional (or frequent!) story, poem, or essay at Strange Horizons, consider donating to their fund drive. (Here's a review I really enjoyed recently: Molly Tanzer's review of Nick Mamatas's Sensation. Great stuff in there.)"
  • Ann K Schwader: "Venerable (over a decade, now!) online zine Strange Horizons is conducting its annual fund drive to keep the magazine in good health."
  • James at Big Dumb Object: "You know Strange Horizons right? They publish awesome SF online for free. Which is nice. They also have cool columns and reviews and poetry. I don't really need to tell you this do I? You all read it don't you? And you'd all like it to remain online and free and groovy, obviously. In which case, to show your support, why not partake in their annual fund raising drive?"
  • Alexandra Seidel: "consider this a signal boost for the Strange Horizons Fund Drive. But check this out, if you donate money--just a little--you are eligible to win one of these prizes! Cool, huh? You could also call yourself a supporter of the arts, and who doesn't want that title?"
  • Thanks also to Rose at Genreville and too many to list on Twitter for signal-boosts today!

Niall Harrison is a reader and fan.
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