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In the past 24 hours, we've raised about 10% of our fund drive total, and passed the $3000 mark -- thank you! If you haven't donated yet, here are some more people trying to persuade you:

  • Joanne Merriam on her first encounter with SH: "I was working on one of the poems from The Glaze from Breaking, “Mirror Points,” a five-part lyric poem largely about the nature of loss and cruelty, and I thought, “Well, mirror points are a scientific concept. This is really long, and they seem to primarily publish short poems, but I bet they’d be interested in this poem if I tightened it up a bit,” and as it turns out, I was right."
  • Shana Worthen, current editor of Vector: "I’m particularly fond of Strange Horizons for a number of reasons. It has high-quality, regular, thought-provoking science fictional content. It offers a good range, from poetry to reviews to short stories to news. It’s free to read, but still pays professional rates for work it publishes. Lots of Vector contributors, past and present, work on the site, whether as volunteer editors or paid contributors. And I have a geographical bias in favor of it (funny, since it’s an online magazine) – its mailing address is in the US state I grew up in."
  • Jed Hartman on when it started: "We launched Strange Horizons a little over eleven years ago. For eleven years, we've published new material every single week, except for a vacation week at the end of each year. When we launched, a lot of people wrote us off as yet another fly-by-night online magazine. We're now the longest-running continuously publishing online prozine. We'll be publishing our five hundredth original story sometime around the beginning of January."
  • Alastair Reynolds: "Strange Horizons is one of the best places on the web to find intelligent discussion about science fiction - as well as SF itself." (Don't forget that one of our donor prizes is original artwork by Al!)
  • Electric Velocipede: "We here at Electric Velocipede really enjoy this magazine and support them and hope that you decide to do so, too."
  • And thanks to Mike Glyer and Charles Tan for further signal boosts.

Niall Harrison is a reader and fan.
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