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Another roundup of links to writing, discussions and news about sf elsewhere online. As ever, we welcome your suggestions for links to include.

  • At the SF Site, Paul Kincaid reviews the Gordon van Gelder-edited climate change anthology Welcome to the Greenhouse; meanwhile, the Guardian has news of another climate change anthology with a more cross-genre pedigree
  • Gary K Wolfe reviews Geoff Ryman's Paradise Tales
  • Those in the UK may like to know that Sarah Hall is presenting a two-part radio series about gender, sexuality and sf, starting on Tuesday 30 August (via).
  • Meanwhile, those in the Toronto area may like to know that the film festival includes Xiaolu Guo's film of her novel UFO in Her Eyes [pdf], which we reviewed a couple of years ago (and which I really liked)
  • And in other "previously reviewed at Strange Horizons" news, the anthology Machine of Death has been released as a free download
  • Brit Mandelo on We Who Are About To... by Joanna Russ
  • Matt Hilliard reviews A Dance With Dragons by George RR Martin
  • A couple of interviews with Jane Rogers, following the Booker longlisting of The Testatment of Jessie Lamb
  • A new review zine for SF poetry: Versification
  • Jonathan McCalmont considers how to write a good review (or know when you have done)
  • Martin Lewis has some issues with Mary Gentle's Golden Witchbreed
  • The Association for the Recognition of Excellence in SF&F Translation is looking for some volunteers
  • A sad note to end on, this time: author, editor and sometime Strange Horizons reviewer Colin Harvey has died following a stroke. As if the comments on that second link didn't make it clear enough, he'll be missed.

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"When I can't move, I write, and those two things are deeply connected."
Upstairs, the prime minister is meeting with all the party members because they are worried about how to save themselves. As in, just themselves and no one else.  Because they are selfish fucks.
Let’s strive to make the best art we can, but never from the starting point of fear, but of personal honesty.
Wednesday: The Body Scout by Lincoln Michel 
Friday: To Climates Unknown: An Alternate History of a World Without America by Arturo Serrano 
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