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Happy weekend one and all. I hope you are all enjoying yourselves. In addition to your scheduled Strange Horizons viewing this week we have several big changes to announce in the poetry department.

With great regret we say goodbye to MJ Cunniff who has served on the poetry team for two years. We have all hugely enjoyed the poems MJ has selected for the magazine and are sad to see them go.

This obviously left us with a bit of a gap in the department, but we were thrilled to welcome back an old face - Romie Stott, who many of you may remember from days of yore. We know how great Romie's editorial instincts are and look forward to seeing what exciting poems we get to publish with her onboard. Welcome Romie!

Last but not least, we are very pleased to announce that as of the next reading period (starting on March 1st) all poetry submissions will be handled using our Moksha submissions portal. This should make the way we publish poetry quicker, easier and more efficient, which can only be a good thing.

That was the poetry department update; we now return to our scheduled broadcasting.

Jane Crowley is deeply enthusiastic about tea, being in and around water, and things with wings (mechanical or avian). By day she is a marketer for a UK university. By night she writes poetry and other miscellaneous fragments that occasionally find a home and get published. You can find her on Twitter at @j_e_crowley.
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