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The first issue of our new sister magazine for translated fiction, Samovar, is being published today.

In place of the usual weekly helping of Strange Horizons, we’ve turned the site over to the Samovarians, who will be bringing you translated SFF from all around the globe, including work by Suvi Kauppila, Abdul Wakil Sulamal, James Caron, Ko Hua Chen, Annie Sheng, Lavie Tidhar, and Rachel Cordasco.

Our collaboration with Samovar was made possible by the incredible response to our 2016 Strange Horizons fund drive, and as the editorial team said in their first introductory post back in September:

Samovar aims to open up a meeting place between worlds.

Stories tell us who we are, and let us see who other people are. We already have access to an enormous wealth of speculative fiction in English, but we want to know more. We know that even as stories shape culture and language, culture and language shape stories.

So dive in and enjoy discovering all the new translated SFF on offer. Samovar’s next issue will land in June but we’ll be back with regular Strange Horizons content next week.

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