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Ahead of our fund drive next week we wanted to announce a few staff changes across some of the magazines departments. We'll be saying goodbye to some old faces and hello to some new ones.

It with sadness and gratitude that we bid farewell to Rebecca Cross, Columns Editor, Li Chua, Poetry Editor, and Tim Moore, Webmaster. We thank them all for their fine work and generosity with their time. We wish them every joy in their future pursuits. They will be sorely missed.

In the Web department, Tim will be succeeded by Andrea Hull and William Ellwood.

In the Columns department, Rebecca will be succeeded by Belle McQuattie, a new addition to the team. Belle McQuattie is a reviewer, Aurealis Awards judge, Continuum Convention committee member. She has been chomping on spec fic since before she could read, occasionally to the disappointment of the next person to pick the book up. Belle can be found sporadically blogging at or on Twitter @theresaninkspot.

The Poetry department will remain staffed by A.J. Odasso, Senior Poetry Editor, Sonya Taaffe, Senior Poetry Editor, and Romie Stott, Poetry Editor.

We are also thrilled to announce to that our search for Associate Editors is concluded! We will be promoting Vanessa Phin from Senior Articles Editor to Associate Editor, and bringing on Sharat Buddhavarapu.

Vanessa Rose Phin is a queer pan spacepooka with an incorrigible gaming habit, who has been here at Strange Horizons since 2012. Outside of SH, ve works as a developmental editor in genre--Corey Ostman's independent Cladespace series is vees longest-running project. Ve also works as an instructional designer for college textbooks, writes RPGs and short fiction, and is a professional calligrapher.

Sharat Buddhavarapu lives in the not-so-sleepy suburbs of Washington, D.C., where he works as a bookseller. He's deeply fascinated by languages, but is still too busy narrowing down the list of ones he's interested in (50 at the moment) to actually pick one to learn!

Vanessa will be succeeded in the Senior Articles Editor position by Gautam Bhatia, who has been doing a fantastic job as the Articles Editor responsible for Geoff Ryman's 100 African Writers of SFF series.

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dedRon hubbard

Welcome to you all! May all your readings be scary and fun.


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