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Publishing with Strange Horizons gave my career the perfect start. I'd spent years struggling to get my first semi-pro publications, until Strange Horizons took a chance on my odd new creations. Not just one chance, but two: six weeks apart, my first two professional sales.

As a scientist, I know the difference between correlation and causation. Publishing in Strange Horizons wasn't the only reason I've sold six more stories in the sixteen months since then, nor the reason I became the assistant editor of Escape Pod. But without Strange Horizons, I never would've achieved those successes. Before 2016, I was at a low point in my career confidence. I was ready to give up short fiction entirely, and I very well might've if not for Strange Horizons.

Strange Horizons publishes some of the most interesting and challenging science fiction and fantasy on the internet. No matter what happens to my writing career, I'll always be proud that I got the chance to set my shoulder against that wheel and help push it further along its rising path toward that mysterious and beautiful horizon.

Benjamin C. Kinney is an itinerant neuroscientist and Viable Paradise XVIII graduate who writes about ghosts, AIs, and conquistador dragons. Despite his New England heart, he lives in St. Louis with two cats and a wife on Mars. Find him online at or on Twitter as @BenCKinney.
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