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First of all this month, congratulations to the newly online Interfictions, which posted its first issue this week! Both masthead and table of contents include some familiar names. The poetry selections include work by Paul Jessup, Gwynne Garfinkle, Rose Lemberg, and Emily Jiang and CL Jiang; and they also have an essay by Brit Mandelo: "Gonzo: The Real, the Surreal, and Hunter S. Thompson." Also out this month is the latest issue of The Journal of Unlikely Entomology, co-edited by AC Wise; and good luck to Tim Pratt and Heather Shaw, who are running a Kickstarter to relaunch their 'zine Flytrap.

Now, on to some notable books this month: Nina Allan's latest collection, Stardust, is out from PS Publishing (and you can read the opening story, "B-Side", until the end of the week). Sofia Samatar's novel A Stranger in Olondria is (at last!) out from Small Beer (and gets a glowing write-up from Amal el-Mohtar at James Dorr's collection The Tears of Isis is out from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing. M. Frost's poetry chapbook Constellation is also out, with art by dee*ah*CHUR. Margaret L. Carter's new "Vanishing Breed" vampire novel, Passion in the Blood is out from Amber Quill Press. And although it's not a new book, I can't let the UK edition of Kameron Hurley's God's War pass without comment -- if there's anyone left in the UK who hasn't read it yet, now's the time. Kameron blogs about the release here.

Lots of new poetry this month. The latest Apex includes Shira Lipkin's "The Busker, Broke and Busted"; Dreams & Nightmares issue 95, mailing in June, includes two poems by Ann K. Schwader, "Apophis Apocryphal" and "Night Laundry", plus work by AJ Odasso, Peg Duthie, Robert Frazier, Mari Ness, Marge Simon, and others. Rich Larson's "Hunger Games" is up at decomP; the third issue of Through the Gate includes Ada Hoffman's "Synchronicity", plus work by Sonya Taaffe, Alex Dally MacFarlane, and Mat Joiner twice. Neil Graham's "The Green Green Rain" is in Mythic Delirium 28, along with work by Alexandra Seidel, Jeannine Hall Galley, Sofia Samatar, FJ Bergmann, Alicia Cole and others. At Escape into Life, Sally Rosen Kindred's work was featured, and Peg Duthie's "Remnant" was included in a Fleurs de Mai feature. And the theme for Elizabeth Barrette's poetry fishbowl this month was homonyms, puns and wordplay.

On to new stories.'s fiction for the month included Cecil Castellucci's "We Have Always Lived on Mars" and Daniel Jose Older's "Skin Like Porcelain Death", while May at Beneath Ceaseless Skies included Laura E. Price's "The Drowned Man" and Alex Dally MacFarlane's "Singing Like a Hundred Dug-Up Bones". Sarah Pinsker's "A Beastly Game" is in today's issue of Electric Spec, and Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam's "An Exodus of Wings" is today's Daily Science Fiction. Emily Jiang's "The Binding of Ming-Tian" is in this month's Apex. Stephen Ramey's flash "The Valley of Doom" can be found at Story Shack. Andrew Kozma's story "An Apartment Hunter's Guide to Martinsville" is in the latest (Vol 36 no. 1) issue of The Chariton Review. And Samantha Henderson's "Your Fairy is Serenity Elfsong" is in the Spring 2013 Bourbon Penn.

Finally a few essays. Paul Kincaid has an in-depth review of M. John Harrison's Kefahuchi Tract novels at The Los Angeles Review of Books; Abigail Nussbaum and Genevieve Valentine offer thoughts on the first season of Elementary; Abigail also had an essay about Felix Gilman's Half-Made World duology in their recent seminar on the same topic. Matt Hilliard looks in depth at The Hydrogen Sonata and the politics of intervention in Iain Banks' Culture novels. The short fiction spotlight columns at by Brit and by Niall Alexander continue; and Brit also reviews Ghost Spin by Chris Moriarty. Finally, Julia Rios hosts the latest Outer Alliance podast, a group interview of a number of writers and critics.


Niall Harrison is a reader and fan.
One comment on “Stranger Horizons, May 2013”

I just wanted to say thank you so much for posting these links. I work full time and have an infant child. That means very little time to scrounge good stories. I love this. Thank you!

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