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The Strange Horizons fund drive is upon us!

As most of you know, SH is entirely funded by our family of supporters, either through volunteer work or through financial contributions. We have stood as a community magazine since 2000, with a commitment to speculative fiction from around the world, to new authors and wide representation.

Our proudest achievement is how many writers count us as their first sale.

To help Strange Horizons move into 2024, we need to raise a base amount of $13,500. If you'd like to help us meet those goals, please go to our Kickstarter page and donate.

As the Strange Horizons rocket gains funding fuel, we’ll release bonus content as a reward to all and sundry:

At $1,000: An interview of WFA winner Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay by Will Shaw, on SF in translation.

At $2,500: A poem by Devan Barlow.

At $4000: An essay on Blade Runner by E.E. Murray.

At $5,000: A review by Dan Hartland.

At $6,500: A poem by Angel Leal.

At $8,000: A review by Kit Eginton.

At $9,500: A poem by Bree Wernicke.

At $10,000: A (surprise!) story by Premee Mohamed.

At $11,000: A secret essay on the phonetics of dragon languages.

At $12,500: A special issue of the Critical Friends podcast feat. Dan Hartland and Aisha Subramanian.

At $13,500: A poem by Milo K. Szyszka.

Let’s talk stretch goals. Last year, your funding helped us bring you a special issue on SFF and neurodiversity, and forthcoming special issues on Japanese SFF, among others.

This year:

At $15,000, we will publish a special issue on Afro-Surrealist SF, guest-edited by Yvette Lisa Ndlovu!

At $16,500, we will publish a special issue on Ageing and SFF!

At $18,000, we will raise our artist pay to $300 (more money for artists)!

At $20,000 our fiction department will publish a novelette as part of our 2025 fiction calendar!

At $24,000 we'll host a virtual panel with Strange Horizons editors and contributors. All backers will be invited to attend and submit questions for the Q&A!

At $30,000 we will commission additional pieces of artwork in 2024.

For twenty-three years, Strange Horizons has brought you challenging, beautiful work from new and diverse voices. It is the community’s zine, and always will be. Let’s shine together for another year. Help us by donating today.

Gautam Bhatia is an Indian speculative fiction writer, and the co-ordinating editor of Strange Horizons. He is the author of the science fiction duology, The Wall (HarperCollins India, 2020) and The Horizon (HarperCollins India, 2021). Both novels featured on Locus Magazine's year-end recommended reading list, and The Wall was shortlisted for the Valley of Words Award for English-language fiction. His short stories have appeared in The Gollancz Book of South Asian Science Fiction and LiveMint magazine. He is based in New Delhi, India.
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8 Jul 2024

The statue of that gorgeous and beloved tyrant, my father, stands in a valley where the weather has only ever been snow.
Panic will come / for every fuckwitted one of us
Neural-lace, my brain interfaced
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