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Hi everybody,

Sorry that we kind've disappeared for a while there!

But we return with some very exciting news-- huge congratulations are in order for our editor-in-chief, Susan, who won a World Fantasy Award for her work at Strange Horizons! As we've recently announced, Susan is handing over the role of editor-in-chief to Niall Harrison, so this Award is a really wonderful way to commemorate her time at the helm of Strange Horizons. Also congratulations to Helen Keeble, who was nominated for Best Short Story for her "A Journal of Certain Events of Scientific Interest from the First Survey Voyage of the Southern Waters by HMS Ocelot, As Observed by Professor Thaddeus Boswell, DPhil, MSc, or, A Lullaby".

On the fund drive front, we will be running it for one more week-- so there's just one more week left for you to donate and get the chance to win one of our excellent donor prizes, which include a year's subscription to Asimov's, gorgeous original artwork, and loads of signed books by superb authors. The response so far has been really nice to see. As I mentioned at the start, Strange Horizons is run on an entirely voluntary basis by people who do what they do not for the money, but out of a passion for the material which we publish. This is the time of year where the team is rewarded by seeing a similar passion on the part of our donors, whose donations help to keep Strange Horizons running.

For this final week, there are two new prizes to be won by people who promote the fund drive or Strange Horizons on their blog/Facebook/Twitter/any other social forum: CJ Cherryh's Conspirator and Deceiver, or A Field Guide to Surreal Botany, edited by Janet Chui and Jason Erik Lundberg. If you want to enter, just send me a link to your promotion of SH, or a screencap of it!

Once the fund drive closes, we'll be getting in touch with all of our donors to say thank you, and we'll also be doing our fund drive prize drawing. Everyone who donates to the fund drive will be entered into it, and so stands a chance of winning one of our donor prizes. The drawing process might take a little while, because we have a lot of prizes and a lot of donors to try to bring together, but once it's done we'll be getting in touch with the lucky winners to find out where they want their prizes sent. On that note, if any of last year's donors haven't heard from us about the 2009 fund drive, please do get in touch.

Once again, thank you for everything that you're doing, whether it's promoting the fund drive, or enjoying the latest issue and passing it on to your friends, or donating towards keeping Strange Horizons going. We appreciate it a lot.

Niall Harrison is a reader and fan.
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Mckenzie Westervelt

Looking forward to your future posts.

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