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I Am Not Buffalo Bill

by Evelyn Deshane

27 June 2016

Forget the birds and the bats and the king rats / you feel yourself you are. Remember your bones.

Podcast: June Poetry

by Lora Gray, Rohinton Daruwala, Laura Madeleine Wiseman & Andrea Blythe, and Evelyn Deshane, read by Lora Gray, Rohinton Daruwala, Romie Stott, and Ciro Faienza

27 June 2016

In this episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, editor Ciro Faienza presents poetry from the June issues.

A Gathering of Baba Yagas

by Laura Madeline Wiseman & Andrea Blythe

20 June 2016

Myth, our sister said, Revolution.

The Poem Gardens of the Ascari

by Rohinton Daruwala

13 June 2016

Until at last they come to / the tree that speaks to them

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